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Facial Toners

The old saying that beauty is only skin deep has been changed, rearranged, and added on to over the years, by creative marketing groups and beauty industry executives so no one is really sure where beauty begins and ends in terms of facial care.

Most of us know that beauty is more than expensive cosmetic products, trips to the spa, and fancy slogans; beauty is a state of mind that permeates the body with an incredible energy. Good facial toners help accent and compliment that energy so it is important to choose the right toner that helps your skin type radiate with a healthy glow.

Skin types fall into four categories: oily, normal/combination, sun damaged, and sensitive. Once you identify which category describes the natural of your skin you can choose a facial toner that cleanses, restores PH balance, and removes excess oil. It can also minimize acne breakouts, as well as remove soap residue. Facial toners are divided into three categories. Those categories are based on the alcohol content in the toner.

The first category is skin fresheners. They are recommended for dry skin since they have less than 10% alcohol in the formula. The second category is skin tonics, which have 20% alcohol, and the third type is astringents, which have 60% alcohol. Those toners are only recommended for oily skin.

Some people argue that skin toners don’t live up to past expectations t; some say they are an extra step that’s not needed, but the majority is convinced that facial toners are a necessity in any skin cleansing routine.

The benefits of using a good facial toner start with improving the skin tone. Skin tone is improved by increasing circulation and restoring PH balance. Once that process begins the complexion automatically changes for the better. Facial toners remove excess oil and potential free radicals once they are absorbed into the skin. When the oil and other impurities are removed, the makeup adheres better to the face and it lasts longer.

Good facial toners also tighten large pores and it moisturizes the face at the same time so the skin feels and looks refreshed. Good toner also kills the bacteria that are responsible for acne breakouts. If red skin is an issue a milder formula with rosewater in the formula is the best choice.

Normal and combination skin reacts well to a facial toner that has AHA exfoliating agents in the formula. Skin that’s prone to acne breakouts needs a toner with less than 2% salicylic acid in the formula. Facial toners with high alcohol content can over-dry the skin so it’s best to use an astringent on the problem areas not the entire face.
Sensitive skin doesn’t respond to artificial fragrances very well, so natural facial toners are the best choice. Natural facial toners don’t have phthalates, dioxin and parabens in the formula, and they don’t contain VCOs, which are the chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system. All the ingredients are biodegradable and they have not been tested on animals.

You don’t have to buy an expensive facial toner to get the results you expect. The main thing to keep in mind is your skin type. Choose a facial toner that will clean, refresh, and invigorate the skin’s surface. Buy it because of the ingredients not the price.


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