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Scar Treatment Products

Long after wounds heal, scars are left to serve as a reminder that burns, injuries or even severe acne was once endured. Fortunately, Cleopatra’s Choice stocks products ideal to help fade scars and break-up tough tissue, creating clearer skin and a flawless complexion. Australian Scent Clear Skin is a gentle option formulated with anti-bacterial essential oils to dry blemishes before they can turn into scars. As the acne dries, the surrounding skin is provided with nourishing jojoba oil and aloe vera, perfect to heal wounds and reduce already established scars. This is an ideal option for anyone currently or previously suffering from breakouts or open wounds such as those received from knife cuts or general scrapes. Another just-right remedy for scars is Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare which uses natural ingredients to nourish damaged skin that has endured acne, stretch marks and even pigmentation. Helping to create a flawless look Specialist Skincare includes a revolutionary ingredient called PurCellin Oil that further contains some of nature’s best healers, including Vitamins A and E, lavender, calendula and rosemary oil. An added bonus, this can also be used for anyone with maturing skin, to help lift, while reducing and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Egyptian Magic Cream uses only six 100 percent natural ingredients, including olive oil, beeswax and honey. Stretch marks that could result from pregnancy can be easily avoided by slathering the cream onto the growing belly. Providing a deep hydration to both the body and the face skin will be left glowing after each use. Egyptian Magic Cream has been praised in publications like Vogue, Allure, Lucky and Shape and will also help to heal chapped lips, burns and blemishes. Say goodbye to, or prevent scars entirely, by using one of these great options available at Cleopatra’s Choice.

Allow products enriched with ingredients provided by Mother Nature, to gently diminish scars and break-up tough scar tissue. Although perfect to treat a variety of conditions, Egyptian Magic Cream is effective at preventing pregnancy stretch marks while healing burns and blemishes before they leave an obvious scar. Using only six natural ingredients, olive oil, beeswax, honey, propolis, bee pollen and royal jelly, the cream will provide instant and deep hydration to areas that most need it. Magazines such as Lucky and Vogue have sung the praises of this miracle cream, as when used to treat scars on the face, pores will remain unclogged and healthy. In addition to treating scars and providing hydration, keep Magic Cream on hand to help heal blemishes, burns and even chapped lips. Australian Scent Clear Skin is another option to soothe a multitude of ailments, including scar tissue. The anti-bacterial spray is formulated with essential oils to dry blemishes, while hydrating the surrounding skin with lush jojoba oil. Additionally, aloe vera is the key ingredient in promoting the healing of wounds while also helping to reduce scars. Even if the primary goal is to diminish an unsightly scar, Clear Skin will also help to reduce and remove existing infections and protect against future breakouts. Whether daily faced with the remnants of scars from acne or even recent childbirth, Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare will help to smooth scarred skin and even pigmentation for a radiant, healthy glow. Using a revolutionary ingredient called PurCellin Oil, that also contains vitamins A and E, lavender, calendula and rosemary oils, skin is left soft and supple and it even provides the bonus of wrinkle and fine line reduction. When seeking natural alternatives to reduce scars, Cleopatra’s Choice offers numerous options to help diminish and break-up tough scar tissue. Try one of these creams or oils to help smooth skin and create a perfectly flawless complexion.

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