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kathy ireland by reVive Light Therapy

Cleopatra's Choice is an Authorized Kathy Ireland Personal Care by reVive Light Therapy Retailer
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  • ReVive is a unique product because it is the only integrated Light Therapy System that offers a complete set of interchangeable LED light treatment heads.
  • The reVive Light Therapy™ mimics specific UV-free light spectrums emitted by the sun that stimulate cellular repair and regeneration, production of collagen and elastin, as well as eliminate acne-causing bacteria.
  • It is FDA cleared.
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Sun light is comprised of several spectrums of light that eventually make up the color palettes that are visible to human eyes. Naturally, our bodies are created to receive and process these spectrums of light similar to “photosynthesis” within plants. Each specific spectrum of light emitted by the sun has a corresponding effect within the human body. The majority of these spectrums deliver positive responses but we must acknowledge that a few spectrums such as UV generate negative effects within the human body.



Initially developed by NASA research to treat injured astronauts in space, light therapy has evolved from professionally administered treatments to now “over the counter” FDA clearance. The technology behind our FDA cleared Class II medical devices is fairly simple. We identify the specific spectrums of light that generate the desired effects naturally within our body’s cellular structure and replicate these specific spectrums within LED chips. By doing so we are able to remove all harmful and non-productive light spectrums and deliver concentrated doses of the effective spectrum of light to the body. Our exclusive dpl® Technology enables the light to penetrate deeper enhancing the body’s response mechanism. Research and clinical studies have demonstrated dramatic effects in Pain Relief, Injury Recovery, Acne and Anti-aging treatments with these light treatments. All of our LED light therapy devices have been engineered to NASA Research specifications and incorporate dpl® technology.

Spectrum Functionality

Pain Therapy

Pain Relief – 880nm Infrared (invisible to the human eye) light spectrum range has demonstrated the highest level of natural healing effects within the body’s cellular structure. This spectrum of light combined with our exclusive “dpl®” (deep penetrating light) technology, reaches deep into joints and tissues and generates increased circulation, oxygenation, cellular repair and reproduction resulting in the removal of toxins, unwanted cellular matter and a general temporary relief of associated effects like muscle/joint aches, arthritis/tendonitis pain, muscle spasms, etc. Side benefits include the increased rate of injury recovery and wound healing as well.

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment– 415nm (non-UV) blue light spectrum has demonstrated the ability to target and destroy bacteria that reside on or in the dermis layers of skin. It has been long documented that UV light spectrums kill acne but also delivers other negative effects to the human skin structure. By using 415nm Blue light spectrum, we achieve the same anti-bacterial effects of UV light spectrum without the damaging effects to the skin structure. LED Technology has incorporated “dpl®” technology into this product as well which allows us to penetrate deeper in to the skin structure and treat bacteria that reside deep in the skin that traditional acne treatment topicals can’t reach.

Anti-Aging Treatment

Anti-aging Treatment – 830nm Infrared and 625nm Deep Red lights in combination deliver a soothing regeneration effect to aging skin. These light spectrums penetrate deep into the dermis layers stimulating fibroblast that generate production of Collagen and Elastin resulting in the general reduction and reversal of fine lines and wrinkles along with firm plump skin texture. The reVive Light Therapy™ dpl® Anti-aging treatment also provides a soothing effect to the external layers of skin, enhancing natural coloration while reducing the signs of aging due to blemishes, sun and age spots.

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