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Facial Night Creams

There is perhaps no better means to nourish our tired dehydrated skin than with a lush night cream. Working while we sleep, night creams hydrate and transform fine lines into a coveted smooth complexion. Adovia offers their Dead Sea Night Renewal Cream full of Dead Sea minerals, aloe vera and vitamin C. Hydrating our delicate facial skin, this night cream works to rebuild skin and will also smooth lines during our slumbers. It’s quick absorbing, deep penetrating and also offers chamomile and aloe vera to enhance vitality and restore softness.

Olivella Nourishment Cream might also become a favorite as it’s formulated with 100 percent virgin olive oil. Dense in luxurious ingredients, this provides ultimate hydration for dry skin and is especially effective in winter months. The antioxidants of vitamins A and E help to repair damage and protect against premature aging. Skin will be soft and supple with this night cream that’s also gentle enough for day time use.

Those suffering from Rosacea have grown to depend on products from Rosacea Care and their Night cream will not disappoint. Featuring sea buckthorn, willowherb, and pomegranate, this rich moisturizing and nourishing cream soothes and helps to heal dry and damaged areas throughout the night.

For softer and smoother skin delivered in an ultra-luxurious formula, Oro Gold 24K Cell Renewal Night Cream provides perfect hydration, even for those prone to acne or oily skin. While pure gold restores elasticity, vitamin C improves collagen production. Cleopatra’s Choice has ideal night cream options, each geared toward specific skin conditions. Whether suffering from rosacea, breakouts, or dry damaged skin, our selection will help combat those problems and reveal soft, youthful complexions.

When is a night cream right for you?

You know your skin. You live in it everyday. It goes where ever you go, and it takes on the world around you, protecting the inner you. It is a reflection of who you are inside, and you want to make sure you put your best face forward. How do you keep your skin looking great after its exposed to daily UV rays and other detrimental environmental factors? Night Creams are the answer.

Why nighttime?

Night is naturally the time when the body relaxes and repairs the damage it has undergone from the day. The discs between your vertebrae expand making you taller. Your brain moves memory from the short term to the long term. Your skin undergoes a fascinating process of healing too.†

During the stage known as delta sleep, your growth hormones peak, and your body repairs cells and tissue. Your body fights inflammation, which is the main cause behind acne, and decreases its insulin resistance.† Your body also decreases its stress level lessening the amount of reddening of the skin and signs of irritation.

Since your body naturally repairs itself at night, night time is the perfect time to apply a moisturizing product. The cells are more receptive to extra hydration. The extra nutrients that fight aging and boost elasticity are more easily absorbed.

Who can use them?

Due to their nature, night creams are right for people of any age or gender. People with dry, hormonal, or mature skin seem to benefit greatly from it.† However, oily, sensitive, and acne prone skin have shown drastic improvements with the application of a night cream.

How to Choose One

  • Start with your skin type. There are night creams out there designed for each and every skin type and problem. Be particularly careful in your selections if you have oily or acne prone skin. Some ingredients may over dry your skin causing it to produce too much sebum as a counteractive, which may trigger breakouts. Others may be too greasy and leave your skin feeling gross.
  • Find your Problem. When you know what your skinís problem is, you can match the right product for a solution.

Olivella Nourishment Cream is perfect for dry skin. Itís a nourishing, hypoallergenic cream rich in Vitamins A and E. The 100% pure olive oil feeds and moisturizes skin, while its antioxidants block environmental stressors, repair damage, and reduce signs of premature aging.

Madara Regenerating Night Cream is great for All Skin Types.The formula is botanically based and lacks many of the ingredients that strip skin of its natural sebum or triggers allergy reactions.

Helps to prevent skin ageing process at any age. The essential oils found in the product not only scent the mixture, but they help to soothe and heal irritated skin. Avocado oil, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter naturally feed the skin and rehydrate it. The Chamomile and hops help to reduce redness and promote healing as well. The powerful combination stimulates cell renewal and repairs damaged caused by stress, the sun, and the environment.

Oro Goldís 24K Cell Renewal Night Cream is the perfect product for acne-prone and oily skin. This rich cream does not leave skin greasy or over dry it. The light base of safflower oil and coconut oil is combined with green tea extract, pure 24K gold and vitamins C and E as well as comfrey leaf extract, hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract, olive fruit extract, and bear berry leaf. †The powerful combination promotes softer, smoother skin. Vitamin E fights free radicals that cause aging. Vitamin C improves collagen production for elasticity. 24K pure gold boosts skinís firmness.

  • Read the Ingredients. Whether or not you are allergic to anything, it is always better to real the ingredients list before you purchase a product. Some companies may put products in that may trigger a mild allergic reaction or other undesired side effects. Others may put in ingredients that you find morally questionable even though they provide great skin results. Most companies are not going to promote all of their ingredients, but by law, they are required to list them either on the product or on its packaging. Itís up to you to know what you put on your skin.
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