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Dead Sea Nail Kits

These nail kits from the Dead Sea are the same thing you've seen at the mall for over $50! They give your nails an amazing shine and healthy look in under 5 minutes! Our nail kits are the top of the line, but you pay less because we don't have to pay the high mall rent! Even the before and after nail picture does not do justice to how great these kits will make your nails look. Our nail kits make for great gifts and stocking stuffers.

Each nail kit comes complete with:
Professional Nail File
- to file the nails to perfect shape
Unique Nail Buffer - Incredible Shine and Stronger Nails
Moisturizing Cuticle Oil - hydrates skin for soft, neat cuticles
Dead Sea Hand and Body Lotion - 4 Great Scents Available

Every lady - and many gentlemen - loves a good manicure.  However, with the increasing news pertaining to the bacteria and disease prevalent in many nail salons, manicures are no longer as beneficial as they once were.  Thankfully, you can take the beauty of your nails into your own hands.  Dead Sea Nail Kits are the perfect home manicure accessory to achieve that professional look – naturally! 

The healing properties of the Dead Sea have been continuously admired – the high mineral content is amazingly rejuvenating and curative for both face and body.  But how often do we hear about the benefit of the use of Dead Sea products on the nails?  Not as often as we should!  Indeed, Dead Sea Nail Kits are the key to revitalizing your nails and hands.

Why Dead Sea Nail Kits are Beautifully Effective
The day the Syrian-African fault shifted, and the Dead Sea was formed between the countries of Israel and Jordan, was a lucky day indeed for beauty aficionados the world over!  Ancient peoples found that bathing in its waters - which were devoid of any living creatures - could cure many skin ailments, including common skin blemishes like rosacea and eczema. Once this discovery was made, it was still centuries before the Western world sought to capitalize on the renewable resource for the greater beauty and health of all concerned.

Benefiting From a Renewable Resource
In contrast to other types of cosmetic ingredients, the Dead Sea is a naturally renewable resource.  In fact, the Dead Sea only becomes more effective for beauty purposes as time passes because it continually renews itself as the water very gradually evaporates.  This makes its mineral content even more concentrated - and therefore more potent. 

In addition, the usage of Dead Sea products is actually helpful to the environment because it assists with this renewal process.  As the minerals in the Dead Sea reach higher and higher levels of concentration, their measured use by people can help regulate the mineral balance in the lake.  To maintain the right mineral concentration while the water slowly evaporates, it's necessary to remove a certain amount of minerals to balance the ratio of minerals to water.  Using Dead Sea products helps the ecological balance of the lake perfectly.

Dead Sea Nail Kits Add Long-Term Shine to Your Nails
Shiny nails are what we all strive for, as they are a sign of class and beauty.  However, achieving those shiny nails through acrylics or chemical paints are not beneficial for the long-term health of your nails.   In fact, the chemicals stifle your nails, block their oxygen absorption, and can eventually yellow the appearance of your real nails. 

Dead Sea nail kits, on the other hand, give you that beautiful shine naturally – keeping your nails healthy for the long-term.  With a special nail buffer, you can bring out the shine that exists in your nails, while the Dead Sea lotion rejuvenates your skin and nails from the inside out.  Your hands, cuticles, and nails will appreciate the luxurious nutrients and minerals found in the Dead Sea – and you will appreciate how beautiful they look for years to come. 

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