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Muscle Soak

  • Made with Genuine Adovia Dead Sea Salts
  • Enriches the muscles with needed minerals
  • Soothe and relax sore muscles and pain
  • Contains all Natural Essential Oil blend
  • Eucalyptus soothes and relaxes the muscle, helping to reduce soreness and pain.
  • Peppermint oil has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and also helps to calm the muscles.

For centuries the area around the Dead Sea has been a hotbed of human activity. Thereís something about this riff that has captivated rulers and ordinary folks alike. The Sea is nothing like other bodies of water around the world. It has more minerals than any other body of water and that mineral rich mud is pasted all over bodies of tourists. The mud has magical qualities that make the body feel like a bubbling effervescent machine. The benefits of taking a bath soak with Dead Sea bath salts at home can duplicate that experience.

There is really nothing magical in the minerals in the mud. They are a group of elements that have the ability to regenerator cells, which aids in the healing process of the skin as well as other organs in the body. Enjoying a bath soak at home is a relaxing experience and the skin reacts in kind. Modern research confirms the fact that these natural minerals can help alleviate skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. Just 2 handfuls of salt in a luke warm bath will set those minerals in motion and the skin cells do the rest.

Muscle tension dissipates in that bath soak as well. Detoxifying the body is a simple and enjoyable task thanks to a Dead Sea salts bath soak. The free radicals that invade to cells in every organ in the body are no match for the legion of minerals that march through the bloodstream. Once the free radicals dissolve, cellulite and edema have no place to rest. One of the main causes of disease is the accumulation of waste products in tissue and a Dead Sea bath soak is designed to get rid of those nasty invaders.

All the hype about Dead Sea bath soaks is not new. Men and women have been singing the praises of the salts for over 5,000 years. Some historiansí claim that is a conservative estimate since written records about Dead Sea Salts benefits start around that time. But, the Dead Sea was formed over 3 million years ago and new archeological digs are revealing new information about human traits before that time period. Humans have been using the salts to cure a variety of skin disorders and internal issues for who knows how long.

That kind of longevity gives credence to the Dead Sea salts bath soak. The same salts that were used centuries ago when there was no other way to heal and energize the body can perform the same services on our 21st century bodies. A consistent regime of bath soaks will change your cellular metabolism so it functions like the fine tuned machine it is designed to be.

Some bath soaks include a favorite essential oil that adds a special fragrance to the experience. Thatís what Cleopatra did and the results are historic. Lavender was her best friend and the Dead Sea salts acted like her doctor.

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