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Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
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Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
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Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
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  • A rich organic unrefined formula to pamper your whole body with soothing, moisturizing nourishment.
  • Rich in natural humectants and emollients including high levels of vitamins A, E and F.
  • Quickly penetrates the skin to immediately protect and moisturize.
  • Supplies nutrients to maintain elasticity and a soft, even texture.
  • Applications include rough, cracked skin, stretch marks, wrinkles, chapped lips and cuticles.

Free of parabens, sulfates and petroleum. Cruelty Free.


  • The fractionated coconut carrier and massage oil by GoPure creates a barrier on your skin, but does not clog your pores. Provides a light-weight and non-greasy finish. It is composed of 100 percent natural Carrier Oil or pure base.
  • The shelf life, with proper storage conditions is indefinite. The product needs to be stored in a cool location, out of the direct sunlight.
  • Ideal product for massage therapy due to the ability for the oil to remain in liquid form provided by the fractionating process.

The Fractionated Coconut Oil offered by GoPure is not your average, cold-pressed coconut oil that is known for going solid when it reaches room temperature; however, its effectiveness as a moisturizer and emollient are the same.
When it comes to skin creams, oils and other similar products, many people are searching for an all-natural option, derived from ingredients that will actually help their skin, rather than causing more issues. Fractionated coconut carrier oil and massage oil is designed for this, providing a non-greasy finish that does not clog pores or aggravate existing skin conditions.
Coconut is one of the most common of the carrier oils. While it turns into a solid state when kept at room temperature due to the long unsaturated fatty acid triglycerides, the fractionated coconut oil goes through a heating process that separates the smaller fatty acids and the long-chain triglycerides, leaving only the saturated fats. This process is what enables it to remain in liquid form and what makes it the perfect product for carrier oil and massage oil. The refinement process deodorizes, clarifies and refines the oil.

Benefits of Fractionated Coconut Oil
Since all double bonds are eliminated, there is also no oxidation in the GoPure Fractionated Coconut Oil. This makes it a carrier that will never go bad. It offers users an indefinite shelf life and will remain in clear, liquid form, no matter how long it is stored. Some of the specific benefits this oil offers include:

  • Colorless and odorless. Will not stain and easily wash out of your clothing or sheets.
  • Quickly absorbs into the skin while reduce the evaporation of essential oils.
  • Ideal for skin; safe and natural moisturizer and non-irritant lubricator, leaving your skin feeling smooth and non-greasy.
  • Ability to be mixed with other, more costly carriers, in order to increase the shelf life further. It is also able to be combined to create different textures of creams.
  • The oil will not clog pores or aggravate other skin issues.

Ideal for Use with Essential Oils
The coconut carrier oil is the ideal product for working with essential oils. In many cases you will need to dilute the neat oil. If you do not and apply the highly concentrated essential oils to your skin, they can cause burning or other types of skin irritation. When essential oils are combined with the coconut carrier oil, they provide a lubricating agent and diluting agent helping the essential oils to provide the desired effect.
Additionally, when the GoPure coconut carrier oil is used with essential oils it can prevent them from evaporating so quickly and can actually aid in the absorption into the skin.


  • Rosehip is considered one of the best vegetable oil sources of omega 3. It is also a significant source of omega 6, which together are referred to as vitamin F. The oil is also a good source of Vitamins A and E.
  • Product offers anti-aging benefits, effective for reduction of appearance of visible stretch marks and one of the most effective anti-wrinkle oils.

GoPure Rosehip provides an excellent source of the trans-retinoic acid.When use regularly, Rosehip can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and scars.
Rosehip is considered one of the best sources of omega 3 from a vegetable oil, and also provides a good source of omega 6.
In addition to reducing lines, wrinkles, burns, sun damage and skin irritations, GoPure Rosehip oil can also help provide the appearance of elasticity to your skin, helping to reduce the signs of aging. Since the oil has a short surface time on your skin, because it is absorbed rapidly, it does not leave any type of fatty residue. This makes it ideal for use on the face. It is also able to use used in is full, 100 percent, form, undiluted.

Indications of GoPure Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil

There are many existing users of this oil who use Rosehip as a method to effectively deal with stretch marks. For best results, it is important to use the oil while pregnant (without the addition of essential oils to ensure it is safe and gentle) and continue use on the affected areas after the baby is born.


This essential oil comes from the herb like flower of the Lavender plant. It is extracted through a steam distilled process. This process of extraction was developed and produced in France.

Lavender French essential oil has a very strong and aromatic scent.

Suggested Applications:

There are many ways to use Lavender French essential oil.

  • Can be inhaled directly to give you that quick burst of comfort you may need
  • Can be used in an essential oil diffuser to add warmth and comfort to your everyday surroundings.
  • Use it with your laundry soap to add freshness to your clothing that will soothe you with every move throughout the day.
  • Add it to a water bottle solution to freshen fabric or clothing.
  • You can even spritz some of it into your hair for a quick freshening up. It’s very healthy for the scalp and hair, plus you’ll smell great.
  • Pour a few drops into your bath water for an intense relaxation session after a hard day or whenever you need that escape.

Lavender French essential oil blends well with other essential oils so that you can make that custom fragrance you are in need of.

Even though it has such a strong scent, it is still mild enough to use around children because it is non irritating and easy on sensitive individuals.


Every time you use goPUREs 'Calming' blend you will be harnessing the properties of natural Essential Oils. Lavender, Rose, Orange and Geranium Essential Oils fuse harmoniously to delight the senses with a floral and fruity bouquet.

These oils are also well-known to have stress-relieving properties and have the added bonus of being wonderful for the skin.

  • Lavender is a warm floral note that will melt the stress and tension of the day away.
  • Rose Oil plays delightfully across this blend giving off a distinctive sweet aroma.
  • Cedarwood, Marjoram, and Omanese Frankincense give this calming blend a delightfully woody and subtly spicy undertone while helping to soothe aching muscles

There are many ways to take advantage of the wonderful aromas and healing power of Essential Oils.

  • The 'Calming' aromatic blend is especially great for adding to a warm bath for relaxation. Simply add five to ten drops into the tub while running a bath to create a calming spa-like experience. You may want to pour an emulsifier or even a splash or two of Half & Half to your bath water to help the oils integrate and keep from separating on the surface.
  • Another great way to incorporate these Essential Oils into your bath and beauty regimen is to add them to body washes, lotions, serums, or any other of your favorite body and skin care products.
  • 'Calming' can also be used with a diffuser to create a serene, pleasant atmosphere. Use in the car to freshen up or in the home to keep your rooms smelling beautiful.


Peppermint essential oil is very strong and highly concentrated, especially in its non organic form. It is a naturally occurring flowering herb that can be used for many different ailments and everyday conditions.

It comes in a clear, yellowish tone that is rather thin and watery.

You can rest assured in knowing that this is a completely all natural and toxin free product. It is completely safe to use Peppermint essential oil as a therapeutic remedy.

Suggested Applications:

  • It can be inhaled directly if done with care because it is very strong.
  • It can soothe skin conditions when applied sparingly. It can be abrasive to sensitive skin or younger people if care isn’t taken on the amount used.
  • Can be added to other skin care products to make an invigorating body lotion or scrub. It will awaken your senses and calm any nervousness you may have.
  • By adding some Peppermint essential oil to a diffuser, you’ll enliven your senses and everyone who enters your home, as well. The air around you will soothe you while it fills your senses with a scent reminiscent of old fashioned peppermint candies.
  • Tired and achy muscles will thank you when you add a few drops of Peppermint essential oil to your bath water. They will feel rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • Freshen up your upholstery with a peppermint essential oil spray by adding it to water bottle sprits.
  • If you have problems with insects around the house, consider using Peppermint essential oil to deter those pesky critters. It is a natural pesticide.

Even though Peppermint essential oil is very strong smelling in nature, it still blends well with many other essential oils, herbs, and spices.

Note: Those with epilepsy and pregnant women may need to avoid too much contact with Peppermint essential oil.


Suggested Applications:

Note: You must use some care when using Tea Tree essential oil in your home because even though it is completely natural, it is also completely toxic when ingested. You must especially take great care when using in a home that has children or animals. If it is used with care, it can be a completely effective and completely safe natural medicine.

The many benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

People have known the wonderful effect of tea tree oil to repel lice for decades. The good news is Tea Tree Oil has many other amazing benefits.

Tea Tree oil is unique. Although it sounds like it might have tea in it, Tea Tree Oil is actually made from the Melaleuca Alternifolia. plant, also known as the Tea Tree plant. The Tea Tree plant is from Australia, and it has been used as a cure for everything for as long as anyone can remember. 

The funny thing is that this magic oil can be used for just about anything. Not only is the oil known for boosting your immunity, it also cures most infections and diseases.


The Essential Oils from Citrus fruits are loved universally for their sweet tanginess and up-lifting crispness.

  • The familiar smell of a freshly peeled orange or tangerine gives the air around you a light, summery aroma, a scent that conjures up images of sunny days and bright, smiling faces.
  • Cleopatra’s Choice is excited to offer you an Essential Oil blend that brings the brilliant freshness and beautifully aromatic bouquet of the Citrus fruits to your home.
  • With goPURE Naturals Essential Oil blend in ‘Citrus,’ you can make warm days at home smell light, crisp, and clean or bring energy and warmth inside in colder weather to help fend off those chilly wintery blues.
  • Citrus oils are perfect for uplifting the spirits, treating depression, and lightening one’s mood.
  • No matter what is going on outside, inside your home can be made a haven for happy days.
  • You will be surprised and delighted at how much a little aromatherapy can make a difference.
  • Citrus scents are happy flavors and can help create a positive, energizing climate for you, your family, and guests.

This special blend of Citrus Essential Oils combines three remarkable aromas that blend with and complement the other scents to make a most pleasant and bright atmosphere.

  • Orange Essential Oil is one of the most popular of all the Essential Oils, both because of its gorgeous aroma and its ability to blend well with other Essential Oils. It is a favorite among men, women, and children, and it is also one of the most recognizable scents. Orange Oil is known to relieve stress and give one a happier feeling and a brighter emotional outlook.
  • Tangerine Oil gives this blend a playful, sweet note. Citrusy and juicy, you’ll love the smell of the Tangerine Essential Oil as it wafts through the air. It is distinctly brighter and more intense than the orange, but stays lights and won’t overpower.
  • Natural Lime Oil adds complexity and dimension to the ‘Citrus’ blend. Lime Essential Oil is actually one of the most potent of the fruity oils. It is usually described as smelling tart, fresh, and crisp. Interestingly, in folklore the oil from the lime was thought to cleanse and purify the spirit, aura, and mind. Blended with other citrus oils, the lime helps to emphasize the cheeriness and cleanness of the aromatic blend.

The ‘Citrus’ blend of Essential Oils, with its fruity scent and revitalizing properties, is the aroma of choice for those looking for a subtle burst of freshness.

  • Use with a diffuser to surround yourself with the sweet, crisp ‘Citrus’ blend. It works wonderfully as a base air freshener for the living room, bathroom, or kitchen.
  • Citrus Essential Oils are also often used as natural cleaning agents. They smell great and Orange Essential Oil has natural grease-cutting abilities.
  • Add a few drops of this special blend to your mopping water or your dusting cloths to give your cleaning an extra orange-powered boost.
  • As an added bonus, your house will keep the fresh scent of the orange, tangerine, and lime longer and smell beautifully clean.

Note: Citrus Essential Oils are phototoxic which can affect the pigmentation in the skin with exposure to the sun. Do not use on the skin if you plan to be in the sun within 24 hours of use. Use with caution and care.

It is recommended to keep this Essential Oil blend refrigerated to extend shelf life.

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Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls   $99

Disclaimer: These Product reviews are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products. These are individual results and results do vary. We do not make the claim that every consumer will achieve the same results. These reviews are not intended to substitute for advice given by a licensed health-care professional. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Cleopatra's Choice assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements in product reviews.

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By Ewa
April 5, 2017
Great deal and quality!
I bought this kit 9 months ego when I started making my own cosmetics. I didn't spent any money since then for body or face creams or moisturizers since then and my skin looks 10 years younger!!! It's amazing how it works! This kit includes everything you need to start making your own healthy body care products.
ProsVery good deal! The Shea butter is huge and great quality!
By Nazik
March 10, 2016
Hi all, i bought Shea Butter ivory for the first i didn't know how to deal with it but after watching youtube I mixed it with olive oil and almond oil. So just use it for 5 days its amazing really amazing it take out my hand discoloration and smooth my hair. I will keep using it till i reach my goal and i think i will keep also buying it from this store and i recommend this store for all of you.
By Donna L.
February 3, 2016
Happy with my Rosehip Oil
Products I have received are just as stated ! I especially love the Rosehip oil I've used it twice and my face is sooo much smoother , hydrated ! Good company to buy from.
Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
Shea Butter DIY Starter Kit with 2 Top Carrier Oils and 6 Top Essential OIls
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