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Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
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Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
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Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
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This essential oil comes from the herb like flower of the Lavender plant. It is extracted through a steam distilled process. This process of extraction was developed and produced in France.

Lavender French essential oil has a very strong and aromatic scent.

Suggested Applications:

There are many ways to use Lavender French essential oil.

  • Can be inhaled directly to give you that quick burst of comfort you may need
  • Can be used in an essential oil diffuser to add warmth and comfort to your everyday surroundings.
  • Use it with your laundry soap to add freshness to your clothing that will soothe you with every move throughout the day.
  • Add it to a water bottle solution to freshen fabric or clothing.
  • You can even spritz some of it into your hair for a quick freshening up. Itís very healthy for the scalp and hair, plus youíll smell great.
  • Pour a few drops into your bath water for an intense relaxation session after a hard day or whenever you need that escape.

Lavender French essential oil blends well with other essential oils so that you can make that custom fragrance you are in need of.

Even though it has such a strong scent, it is still mild enough to use around children because it is non irritating and easy on sensitive individuals.


Every time you use goPUREs 'Calming' blend you will be harnessing the healing properties of natural Essential Oils. Lavender, Rose, Orange and Geranium Essential Oils fuse harmoniously to delight the senses with a floral and fruity bouquet.

These oils are also well-known to have stress-relieving properties and have the added bonus of being wonderful for the skin.

  • Lavender is a warm floral note that will melt the stress and tension of the day away.
  • Rose Oil plays delightfully across this blend giving off a distinctive sweet aroma. Rose can be used to help relieve emotional stress and help promote healthy sleep habits.
  • Cedarwood, Marjoram, and Omanese Frankincense give this calming blend a delightfully woody and subtly spicy undertone while helping to soothe aching muscles and relieve stress or anxiety.

There are many ways to take advantage of the wonderful aromas and healing power of Essential Oils.

  • The 'Calming' aromatic blend is especially great for adding to a warm bath for relaxation. Simply add five to ten drops into the tub while running a bath to create a calming spa-like experience. You may want to pour an emulsifier or even a splash or two of Half & Half to your bath water to help the oils integrate and keep from separating on the surface.
  • Another great way to incorporate these Essential Oils into your bath and beauty regimen is to add them to body washes, lotions, serums, or any other of your favorite body and skin care products.
  • 'Calming' can also be used with a diffuser to create a serene, pleasant atmosphere. Use in the car to freshen up or in the home to keep your rooms smelling beautiful.


Suggested Applications:

  • You can use it directly on your skin to help with conditions such as acne, rosacea, or eczema. Early sailors used tea tree oil extract in their tea to help prevent scurvy while out at sea.
  • It can be inhaled directly to aid in common cough and cold treatment.
  • It is a natural antiviral medication and can effectively and naturally protect your surface objects from virus germs.
  • Sometimes used to help treat common cold sores, or even herpes cold sore blisters.
  • People have used Tea Tree oil to treat yeast infections homeopathically.
  • It can be used on cuts and abrasions much like you would use Benzoyl Peroxide without the mess and irritation that Benzoyl Peroxide can often cause.
  • Known to be an effective homeopathic treatment for dandruff and itchy scalp. Some have even used it to treat dermatitis.
  • School children can benefit from it when used as a topical head lice treatment because it is very effective, is safer than chemical treatments, and it smells great in the hair afterwards.
  • It is also often used in the treatment and elimination of scabies and mites.
  • Also a good as a topical hygienic rub for the cuticles and nail beds of your hands and feet to prevent nail debridement.

Note:†You must use some care when using Tea Tree essential oil in your home because even though it is completely natural, it is also completely†toxic when ingested. You must especially take great care when using in a home that has children or animals. If it is used with care, it can be a completely effective and completely safe natural medicine.


Peppermint essential oil is very strong and highly concentrated, especially in its non organic form. It is a naturally occurring flowering herb that can be used for many different ailments and everyday conditions.

It comes in a clear, yellowish tone that is rather thin and watery.

You can rest assured in knowing that this is a completely all natural and toxin free product. It is completely safe to use Peppermint essential oil as a therapeutic remedy.

Suggested Applications:

  • It can be inhaled directly if done with care because it is very strong.
  • It can soothe skin conditions when applied sparingly. It can be abrasive to sensitive skin or younger people if care isnít taken on the amount used.
  • You can help a headache or an upset stomach just by spraying peppermint in the air around you. You donít necessarily have to even ingest it to reap its benefits.
  • Can be added to other skin care products to make an invigorating body lotion or scrub. It will awaken your senses and calm any nervousness you may have.
  • By adding some Peppermint essential oil to a diffuser, youíll enliven your senses and everyone who enters your home, as well. The air around you will soothe you while it fills your senses with a scent reminiscent of old fashioned peppermint candies.
  • Tired and achy muscles will thank you when you add a few drops of Peppermint essential oil to your bath water. They will feel rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • Freshen up your upholstery with a peppermint essential oil spray by adding it to water bottle sprits.
  • It will help keep things clean because it is an antiseptic, anti-microbial agent, and a natural antibacterial agent.
  • If you have problems with insects around the house, consider using Peppermint essential oil to deter those pesky critters. It is a natural pesticide.

Even though Peppermint essential oil is very strong smelling in nature, it still blends well with many other essential oils, herbs, and spices.

Note:†Those with epilepsy and pregnant women may need to avoid too much contact with Peppermint essential oil.


The Lemongrass aroma is fairly strong and can and should be used sparingly.

This fragrant essential oil is harvested directly from the living plantís leaves through steam distilling.

Itís satisfying to know that this is a pure essential oil and not a synthetic fragrance. Itís all natural and potent like a good aromatherapy product should be. Itís derived directly from plants and not from synthetic chemicals.

Suggested Applications:

  • If you decide to use lemongrass essential oil for aromatherapy use, place some into a diffuser to invigorate your senses and the air around you. The scent will send a spark of creativity through you and help activate your mind to work on a better balanced level.
  • A tried and true use for Lemongrass essential oil is using it to perk up the look of your hair. If your hair has a lackluster look to it, this essential oil can give it that boost that it needs to be shiny, manageable, and head turning.
  • It does a great job of bringing forward all of the natural highlights in anyoneís hair, no matter if it is dark or light.
  • Itís easy and fun to turn this essential oil into a homemade perfume or potpourri. This is something that many people do because the scent of lemongrass is so desirable to so many.
  • Beef up your lotions and moisturizers with Lemongrass essential oils. It will help make your skin tone balanced and beautiful and make you smell great all at the same time.
  • You can rub away the tension with lemongrass essential oil.
  • If youíve had a hard day, consider putting a few drops of this oil into your tub bath. It will help you feel like a new person.
  • Kick it up a bit and get really creative. Make a facial mask with Lemongrass essential oil to add to your beauty regimen. A beauty mask can be made from many different products around the house such as oatmeal, clay, or dirt that you can turn into mud.
  • You can even add some Lemongrass essential oil to a hot towel to steam away impurities on the face and neck. This will relax you like a day at the spa while the essential oils go to work on your skin and body, renewing your confidence and good health.
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Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure   $19.76

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By Heather
Balsam Lake, WI
March 4, 2018
Great oils!
These oils smell very clean and fantastic for a diffuser!
By Mike
January 13, 2018
Great product, great price!
These are so affordable, great for a home diffuser!
By Kathleen
January 13, 2018
Good price
Use lemon in the am and lavender and calming at night
ConsOut of stock a lot
By Barbara Broxson
Acworth, GA
November 20, 2017
Top notch oils, too notch price!
Fabulous quality oils with price tag that's totally affordable!
By Paula
North Carolina
May 19, 2017
Great price!
I love these essential oils and they are every bit as good as some more expensive ones that I have ordered in the past.
Lindale Tx
May 4, 2017
Awesome Beginner Set Top 5 Essential Oils!
I Love my top 5 picks set! All the oils you need to get started diffusing & making DIY Blends!
ProsAll very fresh crisp bright oils! No way to go wrong!
ConsOnly thing that would be better would be larger sizes available ie 15 & 30 ml.
Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
Essential Oils Top 5 Set by goPure
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