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iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
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iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
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iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
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LOVE IT GUARANTEE 3 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
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iGrow is a hands-free, in-home hair growth system that uses a patent pending combination of LED lights and Low-Level Light Therapy or LLLT. It stimulates cells in hair follicles to repair themselves and increase cellular activity, effectively promoting the proliferation of thick, full and healthier-looking hair. With regular use, improvements and transformations will become noticeable in just 10-12 weeks.

Don’t wait until you lose all your hair...
Use iGrow while you can still help it.

The iGrow may look like a sci-fi movie prop but don’t let its looks throw you off. The iGrow Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator employs 30 pain-free high output LED light diodes, which has a range of pulsated light energy for a wider coverage, and 21 built-in red lasers. This combination produces the ideal wavelength for LLLT for optimal results. All of these stimulate and energize cellular activity causing an uptake in the natural function of the hair follicle. This process takes 4 to 6 months and it has been proven to reverse hair thinning or hair loss. It also effectively grows new healthy hair that is thicker, fuller and more vibrant. It also has built-in headphones so you can listen to music, or play video games on your console since it’s also hands-free.

Product Features:

  • Grows Hair
  • Safe & Effective
  • Optimum Scalp Coverage
  • Hands-free
  • 51 Laser + LED Light Sources
  • In-home Convenience
  • iPod or MP3 Interface
  • Automated Touch Screen Control
  • Fully Adjustable


  • iGrow
  • Remote Control
  • Dual voltage and comes with international adapters
  • Auxilliary Cable for use with MP3 player and other media
  • User Manual
  • Remote Control Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty

Unlike pharmaceuticals, topicals, and pills used to treat hair loss, it is non-invasive so you can just wear it or put it on without any worry. It also has a handset that allows you to change the settings for 20 to 25 minute treatment programs.

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • No side effects

Since you’re just going to shell out a one-time payment for the device, you are saving a lot more compared to going back and forth to hair growth clinics. Use it for 25 minutes every other day for 4 to 6 months. If you have thinning hair, chances are other members of your family are predisposed too. So share the iGrow with them and be proactive in preventing hair loss as well.

What’s great about the iGrow is that you can use it anytime right in the comfort and privacy of your home, and if you’re at home, no one will judge you for looking like you borrowed Robocop’s helmet to grow your hair. Your hands are free so you can multitask during treatment sessions. It has 4 adjustable fit columns with rotating weight distribution so you can fully adjust to your comfort. Read, watch your favourite TV program, eat, or do chores, it’s up to you.

Get ready for the kicker. The reason iGrow looks like headphones is that it actually is a set of headphones. It features a patented headphone-based stabilizing platform, with a standard 3.5mm audio port which allows a quality connection to most audio source devices: MP3 Player; TV; Playstation®; Xbox®. The earphones also extend and retract to custom fit most head sizes.

Anyway, the big headphones from the 70’s and 80’s just made a comeback so you’re on the right track in the headphones department.

man on headset

use it anytime right in the
comfort & privacy of
your home

How do you use the iGrow?

It is safe to use at home, in your office, or during travels. It is designed so that it can be turned on only when it is firmly placed on your head. It also has a safety mechanism that controls both the laser and LED devices.

No special preparations are required before using the iGrow. Just use your usual shampoo to keep your hair and scalp clean.

The iGrow provides optimum scalp coverage and it is hands-free. You can do so much more while getting a treatment than using other devices like a laser comb or laser brush. You will have to move a laser comb every 4 seconds for 20 minutes. That in itself is energy-consuming and it will not give you consistent coverage and treatment, unlike the iGrow which is fully automated. Just place the iGrow on your head, select one of the five session settings, and then relax on vibes.

Within 12 to 16 weeks of using iGrow as directed, most users report seeing positive changes. Typically, within 24 weeks of getting LLLT, hair appears fuller, thicker, and healthier.

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy or LLLT?

In 1967, a few years after the first working laser was invented, Endre Mester in Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary 1 experimented with the effects of lasers on skin cancer. He had two groups of mice, both with backs that were shaved, but he only applied laser on one. The hair on the backs of the mice that received the laser treatments grew back more quickly than the other group that did not receive laser.

Light affects all things. Light from a laser when applied in a specific wavelength and amount of time can cause certain changes to a targeted tissue. It has been called biostimulation, cold laser therapy, LLLT, and photobiomodulation 2. The theory is that when the laser light is absorbed by targeted tissues, the molecules within receive a burst in energy, which they burn off through adaptive changes. LLLT use low level lasers, mostly diode lasers, which do not induce heat like lasers used in surgeries or aesthetics. Some non-laser light-emitting diodes or LEDs are also used. This LLLT is visible in the red light spectrum.

How does LLLT work for hair growth?

There are evidences that suggest that the application of lasers reverses follicular apoptosis or programmed cell death. Some hypotheses also state that LLLT initiates chemical reactions in the cells that make up the follicle epithelial matrix causing proliferation.

Many physicians and medical experts agree that LLLT can be effective in growing hair for those with male pattern hair loss. Experts have also observed and noted that the health of hair in the area treated with LLLT may be improved.

Low-Level Light Therapy


Light delivered via an acute and measured wavelength (655 nm), when absorbed, promotes hair rejuvenation.


For optimum hair rejuvenation, iGrow’s patented 51 light
diodes deliver a unique, consistent, and highly effective
combination of Low-level laser and LED lights.

51 Light Diodes

iGrow Clinical Study

The iGrow Clinical Study, entitled “The Growth of Human Scalp Hair Mediated by Visible Red Light Laser and LED Sources in Males”, was led by Raymond J. Lanzafame, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S., a board-certified surgeon and expert in laser applications and laser research. It was conducted on 44 men with varying levels of androgenetic alopecia, whose ages range from 18 to 48 years. The participants submitted to iGrow treatments every other day at home. They saw a 35% increase in hair growth after 16 weeks with no side effects.

Weak, thin hair Low-Level Laser/Light Stronger, thicker


Genes primarily cause Androgenetic Alopecia, which manifests as hair thinning or hair loss. This condition eventually damages or deconstructs follicle cells and causes progressive hair thinning. Ultimately, the follicle dies and will not be able to ever produce hair again.


LLLT at a clinically-proven wavelength, approximately 655 nanometers, reenergizes the follicle cells and facilitates the production of fuller, thicker, and healthier hair.


With consistent use, evidence shows that LLLT can effectively treat the primary effects of Androgenic Alopecia or thinning hair. LLLT can suspend hair loss and eventually re-grow the damaged, thin hair to fuller, thicker, and healthier state.

At the 33rd Annual Conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, Inc. or ASLMS, it was awarded the Best Overall Experimental and Translational Research Award. It was also published in the October 2013 issue of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, the official journal of ASLMS.

35% increase in hair growth

Who should use iGrow?

Take a look at the Hamilton-Norwood Scale. It classifies how advanced a man’s or woman's hair loss is and their level of baldness. The iGrow is most effective for classifications IIa to V.

Men AND women usually do not notice hair loss or balding until they have lost about a third of their hair. If you notice thinning on your crown or a receding hairline and you don’t have any medical condition that’s causing it, try iGrow.

When baldness or hair loss runs in your family, your best weapon is prevention. Use iGrow and help your hair grow before you lose it.

Although pharmaceuticals are not required when using iGrow, it is safe to use with finasteride (Propecia ™) and / or minoxidil (Rogaine ™). There are no contraindications for iGrow with these medicines.

Doctors have reported that using LLLT after hair transplant surgeries can facilitate healing of wounds, decrease recovery time, and increase hair thickness of the patients. However, not all devices are safe to use after transplants as some may have spikes or teeth that can damage new transplants. As of now, only the iGrow by Apira Science is safe and effective for patients immediately following transplant surgery.

  • Men classified from IIa to V on the Hamilton-Norwood Scale
  • Transitional Hair Loss
  • Genetic Predisposition to Hair Loss
  • Men with Androgenetic Alopecia
  • 18 year-old men AND women and older
  • Immediately after hair transplant surgery
Hamilton-Norwood Scale

As Seen On...


The iGrow was featured on CBS News Los Angeles and Dr. David Melamed, a hair restoration specialist, went on and said that the iGrow works as well as in-office treatments which could cost up to $4000 a year. In another interview by the American Health Journal, Lorrie Klein, M.D., a dermatologist, stated that she has been using LLLT to treat hair loss for years in her office and it has been very successful. In the same interview, Gavin Tucker from Apira Science, Inc., recognized as an established leader and pioneer in LLLT and also makers of iGrow, said that the most important thing for LLLT is consistent treatment. He further adds that iGrow gives the same consistent treatment that you would get in a doctor’s office. It’s just that with the iGrow you can get treatments in your home.





GQ | September 2013

The GQ Guide To Balding With Style. iGrow was featured as treatment for balding.

Medgadget | August 2013

iGrow Hair Growth System from Apira Science gets FDA Green Light

CNet | August 2013

"It's hands-free, noninvasive, and boasts no known side effects, and it even comes with headphones so you can listen to your favorite tunes or talk shows while under the, er, laser."
- Elizabeth Armstrong Moore

Get the iGrow and gain so much more than
new, fuller, healthier hair.

Gain confidence, self-worth,
and feel better about yourself again.

#RETURN 6 MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTE You are responsible for shipping the unit back to us. Please contact us directly to receive a RMA# for the return.

1 Mester, E.; Szende, B., and Tota, J.G. (1967). "Effect of laser on hair growth of mice". Kiserl Orvostud 19: 628–631

Customer Reviews
Review Summary
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee   $495

Disclaimer: These Product reviews are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products. These are individual results and results do vary. We do not make the claim that every consumer will achieve the same results. These reviews are not intended to substitute for advice given by a licensed health-care professional. This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Cleopatra's Choice assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements in product reviews.

8 Reviews
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50% (4)
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88% Recommend this product (7 of 8 responses)
By Dan
September 2, 2016
Still waiting
I am eager to see the results. I purchased this item a couple of weeks ago, so it's too soon to tell. I hope to see results in three to four months from now.
Merchant Response:Keep at the product and we would love to hear back with the results after a few months!
By tennjanl
April 11, 2015
Too Early to Tell
I have been using the "helmet" for 3 weeks. It is way to early to tell if it is indeed regrowing hair. But I can say that the unit is easy to use. It adjusts easily to size. I am answering the question about suggesting to a friend as "no" but only because I do not know if it is working.
By Traci
Philadelphia, PA
March 2, 2015
Very Happy with my Results!
I have been using the IGrow for 4 weeks now, 3 times a week. It is very easy to use. Prior to using it I had experienced extreme hair loss due to an allergic reaction from 'organic' hair dye. It was horrible and for 2 months I was losing clumps of hair daily and my whole scalp was inflamed. I was worried that the hair follicles could die and then my hair wouldn't grow back in once the inflammation calmed down. I did a ton of research and after the scalp calmed down, I began using castor oil on the scalp and bald spots as well as brahmi oil, morroco method shampoos and now the igrow. I think everything I am doing together is really helping but I am SURE that the igrow is really accellerating my hair regrowth. I am very happy with it and feel it is well worth the investment. I know that in our lives things like stress and hormone changes and aging can cause hair loss, and I am happy that even after my hair all comes back I will have the igrow on hand to help anytime I start noticing larger than usual amounts of hair in the shower. It is very impressive and easy to use. I look forward to using it since I know I will see ongoing results with ongoing use. I actually feel like my hair is going to come in thicker than it was before this all happened because it is coming in so nicely with the help of the igrow. Now my husband is using it at night too, for his top hair thinning. Good luck!
Los Angeles, Ca
February 17, 2015
Great product
There is zero doubt that this product works. You will see results in 4-6 months. It is not an overnight fix, but is certainly easier than competing products. Also less expensive than chemicals and/or surgery. I have several friends that have also used the Igrow and they all have seen results. Men and Women.
ProsIt definitely works. Non evasive and very comfortable.
ConsNone so far
By todd
January 10, 2015
fantastic item!!
Item works ... seeing results after 3weeks!!
By Eugene F.
October 2, 2012
Too Young!
I’m only a few years out of college but my hairline makes me look twice my age. It was frustrating that with all I had going for me, I am hampered at work and the club in terms of success. Whether it’s a promotion or a date, my thinning hair and declining self-worth seemed to get in the way. So I decided to end it. I checked what I had going for me and used it to find the perfect cure for my problem. I wanted a full head of hair! I’m a smart guy (or so my friends say) so I used my resources to figure out what exactly I needed. I’ve always been skeptical of what I see on TV so I dug deeper until I found the igrow Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator. Still skeptical and a bit apprehensive at the amount of time it would take, I went ahead and plowed some of my savings into this device. I’m not sure about the lasers and the LEDs, but the whole experience was relaxing and therapeutic. Maybe I was just super stressed at work or with myself. But this, in conjunction with my iPod, was a perfect relaxing episode every time. It’s only been 3 months but now I’m planning to visit someone I have not seen in 5 years… my barber!
By William J
San Diego
September 23, 2012
As a 45 year old divorcee, it’s quite difficult to find a date, especially when I’m losing hair left and right (and on top, and at the back). I tried a lot of the usual stuff you see on TV or on ads but nothing was helping. So I did my research and decided to invest on the igrow Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator. I figure I will have quite a bit of mileage on it because baldness runs in my family. I was expecting to use and reuse it for a couple of decades, IF it worked. 4 months later, I’m enjoying life like a 20 year old again. I never ran out of dates this past month, but now I’m thinking of going exclusive with one of my dates. It needs a little patience and a committed routine but it paid off. Funny thing is, my ex-wife noticed and commented on it recently. Now she’s getting chummy again. Hmmm…
By Jester S.
September 15, 2012
with confidence
This hands free hair rejuvenator has done wonders for my self-esteem. For a few years now I've been losing hair and those that remain have been turning white. My shooting colleagues have started chiding me and a fellow coach about our thinning/receding hairlines. So much for inspiring confidence in my athletes when I dont have any of my own I think it's a bit early for someone who is pushing 40 to start losing hair. Maybe its stress. I know its not genetics (my dad still has a full head of hair!) So I started scouring for products to address my needs. I tried shampoos, hair creamsI went to a dermatologist specializing in hair follicle health, etc. I would get some measure of success but they all eventually tanked on me. Then my wife showed me the igrow Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator. It was a no-brainer. I get half an hour of peace and quiet (save for my mp3 players music) AND getting my hair done. It got a bit frustrating on the 2nd month with little to show for but I stuck to it thinking I already paid for this, so lets go for gold!’ Patience does pay off. I'm now a 40 year old, full head of hair, confident shooting coach. My colleague also bought his own hands free hair rejuvenator recently.
ConsNeeds patience
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
iGrow Hair Laser Helmet - 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
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