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Foundations & Blush Makeup

Mineral makeup is made of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and other micronized minerals. The minerals are ground into the finest particles until it makes a fine powder, Then they are sterilized to kill any microbes and bacteria that may be in the minerals. Due to their simple, pure ingredients, mineral makeup is less likely to cause inflammation or irritation of the skin.

Mineral makeup has seen a huge leap in popularity over the last decade for the youthful, fresh look it gives to skin. The simple to use makeup supplies great coverage without the weight of traditional foundations. It’s fine texture also allows for better coverage of skin’s flaws without settling into fine lines and wrinkles.

Due to its lack of “other” ingredients, pure mineral makeup is better for the skin. It allows the skin to breathe and causes fewer breakouts. Unlike traditional makeup, mineral makeup lacks artificial fragrances, silicones, talc, chemicals, wax, mica, oils, dyes, and fillers.


Mineral makeup provides skin a vast number of benefits, including:

  1. Natural Environmental protection against UV rays, wind, and free radicals.
  2. It is hypoallergenic, doesn’t cause acne flare-ups, and is chemical free.
  3. It’s naturally anti-inflammatory, soothes skin, and reduces redness.
  4. Bacteria and microbes cannot grow in the makeup which reduces contamination.
  5. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists recommend the makeup for sensitive skin and problem skin.
  6. The makeup will not smear or crease when applied.
  7. It is preservative free.

Choose your Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup shimmers naturally and diffuses light. This gives skin an even glow. The nice thing about light diffusion is you don’t have to be exact about the shade of mineral makeup you use. Traditional makeup demands you are wise the exact shade of your own skin tone.

Find your tone
Each skin color has a tone or back color to it. Yellow tones are warm like the sun. Pink tone skin is cool toned. As a general rule, warm skin looks great in white. Cool skin looks better in creams.

Pick your makeup type
Although the best mineral makeup is the loose mineral powders, scientists have developed other mineral makeup forms. Each one is designed to have the benefits of mineral makeup with the ease of application that other forms of makeup have. There is a liquid foundation, a colorless cream, as well as accent makeup like mineral lip gloss, mineral eye shadow, mineral eye liner, etc. Whichever one you choose, make sure the makeup supplies some form of SPF protection to protect against the sun’s UV rays.

Check the Ingredients
Since there are other forms of mineral makeup now. Unfortunately, even mineral makeup blends may contain ingredients you do not want to use. Before you invest any money, read the ingredients list. You want the makeup that has the fewest ingredients listed. That means you are probably getting the best or simplest form of the make possible.

Check It
Your hand and the inside of your wrist are typical places that women check or test their makeup. Although these re great places, make sure you also try the makeup in sample other areas like your face before you wear it in public Your face will react differently than the rest of your body. When trying something new, put it on and check it frequently to see how long it lasts how you look.

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