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Dry Skin Products & Moisturizers

Dry skin can be difficult to treat unless it is properly nourished with one of these amazing products from Cleopatra’s Choice. Showering can deplete essential oils and nutrients necessary for soft and hydrated skin. Instead of cleansing with a harsh, chemically laden soap, use Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap. While gently removing dirt and other impurities, the Dead Sea salts and minerals also infuse the skin with minerals that keep it supple and moisturized. Hoping to supply unparalleled moisture to the entire body? Do so with Pure Fiji Body Butter. While it hydrates parched skin, milk proteins reduce the formation of wrinkles keeping it firm and taut. Stressed skin will feel soothed and skin cells revitalized. To target specific areas on the face, body, or even hair, use Cleopatra’s Choice Pure Argan Oil. The all-natural multi-tasker comes direct from the Argan trees found only in Morocco, and will condition frizzy hair just as well as it will hydrate rough dry patches of skin, such as those found on the elbows. This group of products formulated specifically for those with dry skin is unmatched in quality, using lush nurturing ingredients that only nature can provide.

Dealing with dry skin that flakes and itches is a nuisance that requires attention from products formulated to provide immediate relief and hydration. The dry skin products offered at Cleopatra’s Choice will prove to be instant remedies.

Adovia offers numerous options to help ward off dry skin, including their Dead Sea Salt Soap. Not only will it clean the entire body, it infuses the skin with minerals that help keep it hydrated and moisturized. While regular soaps can cause dry skin, this assures the natural balance is restored and the body is left with a clean, healthy glow.

To hydrate skin after bathing, Olivella Nourishing Cream will penetrate quickly leaving it smooth, soft and protected from environmental stressors. With 100 percent virgin olive oil this nourishing cream delivers extreme moisture restoring optimum skin hydration levels.

Pure Fiji Body Butter is another option laced with ingredients to help soothe stressed, dry and flaky skin. Locking in moisture, milk proteins help firm and tone which reduces the formation of wrinkles and lines.

To help ward off extremely dry skin, especially on areas such as the heels, elbows and knees, try Cleopatra’s Choice Pure Argan Oil. Using all-natural argan oil directly from trees in Morocco, this will instantly sink into rough patches to soften and restore elasticity. The organic formula is safe for all skin types and will provide hydration to other areas, including dry and damaged hair and even the scalp.

Whether seeking cream, lotion, soaps or cleansers to help relieve the nuisance of dry skin, all can be found at Cleopatra’s Choice. Using natural ingredients, these products quickly provide necessary hydration and immediate relief to dry and itchy skin.

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