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Dead Sea Skin Care Products

Dead Sea Products
  • Dead Sea skin care products contain over 26 Minerals essential for skin beauty & health.
  • Dead Sea Minerals restore skin's vitality, softness and provide a dramatic improvement in skin appearance.
  • We carry only the best Dead Sea product brands - Adovia and Vivo per Lei.
  • All our Dead Sea products are manufactured in Israel - Certified, genuine Dead Sea cosmetics.
  • Choose from one of our carefully chosen Dead Sea skin care brands:

Dead Sea Products

There is a plethora of skin care and beauty products with minerals from the Dead Sea on the market and we will try to cover all of them here as well as explain the difference and benefits between them. Most products from the Dead Sea fall into the skin care and therapeutic skin categories although there are also a few products for the hair. The most famous products are the Dead Sea bath salts and pure Dead Sea mud although facial and body cream as well as soaps are also quickly gaining in popularity. There is such a wide variety of health and skin benefits with these products that it's hard to bunch them all together into a general Dead Sea products category. The reason why these cosmetics are so beneficial for the skin is the fact that they contain a very high concentration of minerals extracted from the salt of the legendary sea. Not only is the salt content of the sea the highest of any body of water in the world, it is also not regular salt. Whereas regular sea salt contains 90% sodium - contain only about 10% sodium and the rest is made up of minerals which are essential to skin beauty and health. When these mineral are extracted and infused into skin care products there are several benefits that become apparent.

The main benefit is the fact that these minerals are actually essential for the skin to function properly and rebuild itself naturally as well as maintain an natural balance of moisture. As minerals get depleted skin can become dull, very dry and wrinkle and acne prone. By replenishing the minerals depleted from skin Dead Sea products allow the skin to stay naturally hydrated, rebuild itself quicker and take on a healthy and attractive appearance. The rich concentration of minerals is also another reason why skin care products from the sea are so effective at treating Psoriasis and Eczema.

Remember - genuine Dead Sea skin care products are made in Israel on the shores of the Dead Sea so always make sure you are buying products that are original and genuine (look on the packaging to see where the product was manufactured) To go over all the types of Dead Sea products available today it's important to break them down into categories which you can view below:
Facial Dead Sea Products:

Facial skin care from the Dead Sea are used to keep skin hydrated, reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as help treat and prevent acne. These products include facial moisturizers, anti wrinkle creams, cleansers and toners as well as mud masks, facial peels and serums. The products are always infused with minerals from the sea and can include some other botanical ingredients as well to increase their effectiveness.

Dead Sea Products for the Body:

Body skin care products include Dead Sea Mud, Bath Salts - scented and unscented (for Psoriasis the unscented pure salts are recommended), body lotions, hand creams and body butters. A famous body product is the salt scrub which is fine great Dead Sea salt mixed with natural, moisturizing oils. Also some Dead Sea soaps are very popular, but it's important to know which company you are buying the soaps from to make sure they are all natural soap. Body products made with Dead Sea minerals are known to relieve such conditions as Rheumatism, inflammations of joints, arthritis, Eczema, Psoriasis, and soaking in the salts even helps with Athlete's Foot.

Hair Care Products from the Dead Sea:

For the hair there are some unique and some standard products available from with Dead Sea Minerals. Dead Sea products such as Mineral Shampoo, Mineral Conditioner are the base for hair care products - and they have been shown to be effective and helping with dandruff and other scalp and hair conditions. More unique products such as Mud Shampoo or the Mud Hair Mask are also known for their therapeutic purposes with scalp related conditions like Psoriasis or seborrhea dermatitis.

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