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Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
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Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
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Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
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Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10ml
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Item #: CLC-0036
Size: 10 ml / 0.33 fl oz

Tea Tree essential oil is a little different than many other essential oils.

  • Not necessarily used very often to freshen up a room or other space.
  • More often known to be used in homeopathic apothecary treatments.
  • The smell of Tea Tree oil is widely associated with the scent of natural healing.
  • The oldest origin roots in the Australian Aborigines region. They have been known to use it since their beginning for all kinds of ailments and sicknesses.
  • Many dermatologists swear by the use of Tea Tree essential oil for all types of skin treatments. This can be done at home, as well.
  • The medicinal qualities that are within Tea Tree essential oil are so abundant that they are still being discovered every day.

It is a very thin and water like liquid that is steam distilled and extracted directly from the Tea tree. When using it for aromatherapy, it is very purifying and stimulating to the body.

There’s no need to use harsh and abrasive chemicals on your skin when there is Tea Tree essential oil to use conveniently and naturally at home.

Suggested Applications:

  • You can use it directly on your skin to help with conditions such as acne, rosacea, or eczema. Early sailors used tea tree oil extract in their tea to help prevent scurvy while out at sea.
  • It can be inhaled directly to aid in common cough and cold treatment.
  • It is a natural antiviral medication and can effectively and naturally protect your surface objects from virus germs.
  • Sometimes used to help treat common cold sores, or even herpes cold sore blisters.
  • People have used Tea Tree oil to treat yeast infections homeopathically.
  • It can be used on cuts and abrasions much like you would use Benzoyl Peroxide without the mess and irritation that Benzoyl Peroxide can often cause.
  • Known to be an effective homeopathic treatment for dandruff and itchy scalp. Some have even used it to treat dermatitis.
  • School children can benefit from it when used as a topical head lice treatment because it is very effective, is safer than chemical treatments, and it smells great in the hair afterwards.
  • It is also often used in the treatment and elimination of scabies and mites.
  • Also a good as a topical hygienic rub for the cuticles and nail beds of your hands and feet to prevent nail debridement.

Note: You must use some care when using Tea Tree essential oil in your home because even though it is completely natural, it is also completely toxic when ingested. You must especially take great care when using in a home that has children or animals. If it is used with care, it can be a completely effective and completely safe natural medicine.

The many benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

People have known the wonderful effect of tea tree oil to repel lice for decades. The good news is Tea Tree Oil has many other amazing benefits. These are due to Tea Tree’s amazing attributes, including antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antiviral. Some other attributes include balsamic, cicatrisant, expectorant, fungicide, insecticide, stimulant and sudorific.

Tea Tree oil is unique. Although it sounds like it might have tea in it, Tea Tree Oil is actually made from the Melaleuca Alternifolia. plant, also known as the Tea Tree plant. The Tea Tree plant is from Australia, and it has been used as a cure for everything for as long as anyone can remember.

The funny thing is that this magic oil can be used for just about anything. Not only is the oil known for boosting your immunity, it also cures most infections and diseases.

  • Anti Microbial. Microbes prefer to keep safe distance from this oil, since it is an effective anti microbial. It can kill and keep away certain microbes (protozoa) which are responsible for causing Tropical fevers, malaria etc.
  • Anti Septic and Cicatrisant. Wounds are hard to heal. Tea Tree Oil is antiseptic, which means it fights sepsis, putrefaction, and decay by preventing the growth of microorganisms. It also aids in the healing and development of scar tissue. It lacks any adverse side effects and can be applied to just about any problem area, including bites, stings, boils, sores, and cuts.
  • Anti Viral. Viruses are hard to defeat. They are resilient creatures that can lie dormant for centuries and can only be killed when their protective shell is ruptured. Tea Tree Oil ruptures the cyst in some viruses and helps to protect against them. Try using a few drops in the bath to help fight cold and flu viruses.
  • Anti Bacterial.Tea Tree Oil is a great natural bacteria fighter. Dabbing it on wounds helps to kill any bacteria on or near the wound, and it also protects the wound while it heals. Use a dab of tea tree oil to effectively treat acne.
  • Fungicide. Tea Tree Oil is not a fun guy, but it is very effective against fungi and fungal infections. It kills the fungus and aids in the treatment of dermatitis, athlete’s foot, eczema, and various other yeast infections.
  • Expectorant. Whenever you have a cold, congestion is one of the worst symptoms you experience. Tea Tree Oil helps to loosen the congestion in the sinuses and chest. Adding some to your bath or shower as well as to your vaporizer will help to loosen some of the phlegm in the chest and sinuses.
  • Insecticide. Tea Tree Oil kills more than just the microscopic. It is an efficient insect deterrent and killer. that works on many varieties of pests, including fleas, flies, lice, and mosquitoes. It also works internally on pests like round worm, tape worm, and hook worm. Adding a small amount to your shampoo destroys head lice.
  • Cleaning. Due to its “anti” qualities, Tea Tree Oil is wonderful for cleaning just about anything in your home. 2 teaspoons in a spray bottle mixed with 2 cups of water cleans just about anything and helps to control mold growth and musty smells.

Tea Tree Oil is an amazing Essential Oil, but it is only one of the wide varieties of selections available at Cleopatra’s Choice. Our product line includes over 2000 fragrances as well as the best global secrets for hair and body care.

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Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml   $6

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100% Recommend this product (22 of 22 responses)
By Janelle
Robbinsdale, MN
November 28, 2017
Love Tea Tree Oil!
I added this to my shea butter and does wonders for the skin! I love the smell, i also add it to my hair product after showering. So far it has healed most of the eczema on my scalp.
Prossmells good, easy to use/add to other products
Conssmall bottle- not sure if it comes in a larger size?
By Paula
Evansville, Ind
September 15, 2017
Seems to be working...
I've heard so much about Tea Tree oil I couldn't wait to try it. I have a red scaly patch on my arm so I thought I'd try to see if it would heal with the oil. So far, the scaly part is gone and only the redness is there after only four applications. I can't wait to see what other healing qualities this has. It hasn't actually healed my patch yet but it seems to be improving.
By Joni
New Suffolk, NY
June 3, 2017
Excellent quality at a great price.
Tea Tree oil is a staple in my massage therapy practice as well as in my medicine cabinet. I use it as a fungicide and antibiotic on cuts at home and clients with nail fungus. Daily applications irradicate problems and promote healthy nail growth.
By Judy
May 10, 2017
First Aid in a bottle
Tea tree helps with just about everything! bug bites, blemishes, scratches! Love it
By Loyalann Hidalgo
Lindale, Texas
May 6, 2017
Overall All Good Oil!
Agan! Yall hit the mark! Very good oil!
ProsSo versatile!
ConsToo smalk bottle!
By Erica
San Francisco, CA
December 4, 2016
gentle but effective
I used it on my pimple on face directly and no irritation. The pimple was in control with one application and went away after two nights. Very gentle essential oil and can be applied to face directly. Very effective product.
By Donna
Arlington, WA
October 9, 2016
Love this product
Wow I've used many different oils from other companies and this is right up there at the top. The prise is incrediable. I have paid more than double of the cost of this I say try it you will like it.
Merchant Response:Thanks for the review. Enjoy the oil!
By Jean
Goodletsville, TN
July 22, 2016
Great for bug bites
I use this on mosquito and chigger bites and it calms the itch and makes them go away faster. Since it's a great antiseptic it also keeps the bites from getting infected.
ProsCalms the itch.
ConsScent is strong and sometimes aggravates my asthma but not enough for me to stop using it.
By Amanda Anarah
July 13, 2016
THE BOMB!!! Literally...and I am bummed it is out of Stock.
People...the best all round essential il you will ever get. Upset at myself for not having ordered more when I had the chance. I used this on a chronic rash/itch on my foot (TMI I know...sorry) that has been bothering me which by the way the cream my dermatologist gave did nothing for. 1.5 weeks later....this thing is dry and my skin is healing nicely. Even ventured as far as my acne spots on my face....tada!!!! all but gone. Miracle oil I tell you. I used a few drops (enough to the quantity of water) in a spray bottle for my weekend cleaning and my oh my did it have my home smelling so clean and fresh plus it disinfects everything!!! I used it as a deodorizer and disinfectant for my carpets (I typically spray Febreeze on my carpets before secrets ;-) )and this beats it. I would be a bit careful with little kids around the house and not make the solution as strong if using for cleaning. Please hurry up and restock.
ProsAmazing disinfectant!!!
ConsThey are out of Stock....No Cons at all!!!
By Martha
Delray Beach, FL
May 18, 2016
Healing oil for skin problems
I used just a drop on a cut on my face and arm. I believe it promoted healing without the usual scarring that I tend to get.
By Sue
May 4, 2016
Love Cleopatra's Choice. They are so nice and helpful besides having great products.
I love the tree oil . The smell is pleasant and I use it on my face on a dark age spot . I haven't been using it very long but I believe it is beginning to help
ProsDon't need more than a couple drops and I like the smell
By Shakira
Barboursville, WV
May 1, 2016
Love the smell
I love the smell of this oil and basically anything that contains tea tree oil. I use this on my face and it feels nice. My husband uses it too. I also put a few drops of this in my homemade salt scrub. Works great!
By Becky
Tulsa, OK
February 8, 2016
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil is a great product. I have used it on my hair and skin with great results. It is also great for aromatherapy.
ProsGreat smell.
By Lillian
Selden, NY
December 12, 2015
So very useful
I use this is so many of my homemade serums...toe fungus serum...facial toner and even in perfume. This is a must have!
Prosversatile, inexpensive
By Drenica
Denton, TX
December 9, 2015
I have had eczema since I was a kid recently I have been having problems with my scalp. I had scabs in my head and it was itching all the time! But I used this tea tree oil on my scalp and after only one time my scalp is itch and scab free! I love this product!!
By Lisa Copeland
United States
June 26, 2015
Love this!
I got it for my daughter's eczema and my rosecea. Both are clearing up already. It also works for arthritis. I have to have knee surgery and it helps with the pain.
ProsIt does everything it claims to do.
ConsMy husband complains about the smell.
By Kimmy
Tamarac, FL
February 6, 2015
Works on toe fungus!
A friend of mine had fungus on one of her big toe. She used this tea tree oil for a month and the fungus cleared up. Amazing! Just apply a droplet on the infected toe in the morning and before bed. Give it a try!
By roza
north hollywood, CA
May 23, 2014
By Elizabeth
long island, new york
July 16, 2013
So Many Uses
I love tea tree oil. it was recommended to me years ago for blemishes (put it on before bed and in the morning they nearly vanish) but now i use it for my scalp to treat psoriasis as well as an anti fungal treatment for my shower curtain, yoga mat, etc.
By Jamee
Las Vegas, NV
July 4, 2013
For cleaning solutions
I bought this because I recently started hot yoga and hot pilates. I did some research on cleaning my mat and came upon this natural recipe that requires white vinegar, water and essential oils. Tea tree oil is wonderful because it has the anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties and much more. Before I received my tea tree oil, I only had a vinegar-water solution and it did smell a bit. Now that I have the oil, my solutions smells more pleasant and has all those great properties associated with tea tree oil. I simply wipe down my mat with a homemade, natural cleaning solution and I am good to go!
By norma
Orange County, California
August 17, 2012
Loving Tea Tree Oil
I always heard about this product but never really gave it a try until my friend was telling me about how good this product is and how much it helps when you have skin problems, feet problems. My son has severe acne and even though the trips to the dermatologyst were often I could see no results . I purchased the oil and when I applied the oil, he did not like the smell of it so I added the oil to the shea butter and rubbed it together and applied it to his back , face and feet. I am happy of the results. His skin is nice and soft and the acne is so much better, the results were so great I use it on my face and my feet. Fabulous product.
By Ms. M
United States
July 7, 2012
Adds wonders to my home made products!
I've learned a few new things about tea tea tree oil and I look forward to re purchasing it. It has a very strong and significant pungent scent, reminds me of a tree and mint meshed together if that makes much sense. The scents are the least of my concerns though, that can easily be masked with lavender oil, and my prime focus is on the beneficial properties within it.
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
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