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Bulk Dead Sea Salt

100% Genuine Bulk Sea Salt from Southern Dead Sea. Unprocessed and unrefined - Highest Mineral Content Possible - GUARANTEED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY Provided with Every Order. For quantities of 240 Pounds or more please call our wholesale department for pricing at 1-800-925-4232. WE WILL MATCH OR BEAT ANY PRICE ON GENUINE WHOLESALE SEA SALT FROM THE DEAD SEA!
Why people buy our bath salts in large quantities:

There are several reasons why people choose to purchase bath salts in large, bulk sizes of 10 pounds and more. One reason is the savings that you get when buying at wholesale size. At Cleopatra's Choice for instance, prices per pound are greatly reduced when buying larger quantities up to savings of 40% compared to buying smaller 1 pound or 2 pound jars. So many people who have experienced the benefits of bathing in Dead Sea bath salts simply choose to buy more at a time in order to take advantage of the savings they get. Then there are spas that purchase bulk sea salt because they simply use a lot more in their jacuzzi spas and baths. There are also spas and people that like to make their own natural salt scrubs - which are always much better quality when the mineral-rich salt from the Dead Sea, compared to the standard drugstore epsom salt or even other types of sea salt. By mixing the salt into their creams or oils people and spas can create some very unique and effective scrubs for the body or face and have their own home made natural skin care products.

What to look out for when buying our bulk sea salt:
The main thing to watch out for when purchasing these bath products is that you are getting the real thing. While most people now know that genuine wholesale Dead Sea salt contain ten times more minerals than regular sea salt alone, unfortunately there are a few unscrupulous vendors out there. What these people do is mix Dead Sea salt with epsom salt - or cheap sea salts and claim that they are selling you the real thing. Because at Cleopatra's Choice we sell pure bulk sea salt from the Dead Sea, our mission is to bring the therapeutic powers of these minerals to as many people as possible - we are always looking out for cheaters like this in order to report them to the proper authorities. We have even found cases of people selling on Ebay who were selling completely regular salt (probably Epsom salt) and making outlandish claims that they were selling the real thing. As sad as it is that there are people and companies out there willing to do that, unfortunately it's the reality of life.

So to protect yourself here are some ways to tell that you are getting the real thing. Number one, make sure you are dealing with a reputable company that takes pride in their reputation. For example at Cleopatra's Choice we provide hundreds of testimonials from past clients about our bulk and wholesale Dead Sea salt products. You can find reviews for our company on and from hundreds of past clients. Another thing that we do to protect you and ensure confidence in our salts is that we provide a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY with every wholesale sea salt purchase, which is personally signed by the president of our company. When you have such a strong guarantee of the mineral content of Dead Sea salt you can be sure you are getting the real deal. Another sure way to figure out if you are getting real bulk sea salt from the Dead Sea is to look at the price. If the price is ridiculously lower than on other websites and stores you should approach with suspicion. Unfortunately in our experience we have learned that when it comes to this product you really do get what you pay for - as with most things in life.

Some other ways to test the salt you are buying are a bit more hands on. Genuine wholesale Dead Sea salt is usually not bleached white, it's very slightly an off-color of white, basically just a shade darker. Also because, compared to regular table salt - Dead sea salts contain much less sodium and many more other minerals - it is not for food consumption. If you do take one grain and taste it, it should taste bitter, not salty due to the reduced sodium content. If it tastes like regular table salt - it probably is. Once again do not consume it for food - it is not to be eaten - only to be soaked in for your enjoyment!

If you have any questions or concerns about our bulk sea salt feel free to call us at 1-800-925-4232 and we will be more than happy to help
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