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Bath Salts

The Chinese used bath salts to relax and cure ailments over 5,000 years ago. Hippocrates prescribed bath salts to settle the mind as well as the stomach. The Greeks have always been drawn to a hot bath with bath salts, and the Roman statesmen found bath salts a refreshing way to clear the mind when conquering the world was their foremost priority.

Cleopatra built cosmetic factories around the Dead Sea specifically to mine mineral salts for bathing. Beautiful women in those days spared no expense and dipped their bodies in the steamy waters of a mineral bath, and that practice has spread around the world. People living in the Himalayas use the pinkish to reddish colored salts from the riverbeds and valleys in the mountains to soften the skin as well as detoxify and cleanse the pores.

The iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and other minerals in bath salts strengthen the immune system, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and boost the energy level. The calcium in the salts strengthens the bone structure and helps prevent osteoarthritis. When the body is immersed in a bath and bath salts are added an immediate reaction takes place, and it begins with the pores in the skin.

Over 26 minerals are absorbed into the bloodstream during one bath and they are immediately sent through the body via the bloodstream. These minerals interact with the cells and the molecules in each organ. When they are absorbed a chemical reaction develops at the atom level. That reaction instigates hormone secretion and the body’s metabolism changes.

Cells in the body are constantly growing, dividing, and dying. Mineral baths help keep that process functioning in a normal way. Every mineral in bath salts is found naturally in the body, and those minerals are constantly being used to create the energy needed to fuel the body.

Diet, alcohol, drugs, and lack of exercise along with microscopic environmental sludge depletes precious minerals that sustain and enhance the cellular system. Bath salts deposit those minerals and nutrients back into the bloodstream. An effective bath with bath salts should be at least thirty minutes long and the water should be as hot as possible without burning the skin. After the bath don’t shower; just towel dry the body after the bath.

When baths with bath salts become a ritual, which means once a week, or every couple of weeks, people experience lower blood pressure and a state of euphoria develops that relaxes the muscles and settles the stomach.

The color of bath salts can vary depending on the area where they were mined, but the salts from the Dead Sea are off-white. The Dead Sea salt has twelve minerals that are not found in any other ocean in the world, so most people like the results they experience from using those bath salts. Baths salts can be infused with color using dyes so it’s not uncommon to find bath salts in an array of colors. Some people keep several colors in the bathroom and alternate them depending on their mood. Regardless of the color, baths salts relax the body and the mind, and give the skin a radiant glow.

The skin cells show their appreciation, and the body seconds the motion when natural bath salts are added to a hot bath.

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