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Argan Oil for Hair and Skin

Completely organic, Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E  – a vital antioxidant that helps protect and hydrate skin which in essence, activates skin cells to help repair themselves , as well as and fatty acids – known to keep skin healthy and preventing premature aging.  Along with other anti-oxidants, it is absorbed quickly, softening and conditioning both skin and hair.

Argan Oil Seeds
agan oil seeds

Commonly referred to as liquid gold, this pure oil is a 100% natural, organic, lightweight oil that is extracted from the nut kernels (seeds) of Argan trees, found exclusively in southwestern Morocco. Used for centuries to protect and nourish the skin, hair and nails from dry conditions in which the women from the Berber tribe lived (a dry, semi-desert region of Morocco), it is the rarest oils in the world. Completely organic, it is rich in vitamin E, a vital antioxidant that helps protect and hydrate skin which in essence, activates skin cells to help repair themselves. It is also rich in fatty acids, known to keep skin healthy and preventing premature aging. Along with other anti-oxidants, it is absorbed quickly, softening and conditioning both skin and hair. The superfood for the body, skin and hair, it's no wonder the Argon tree was known as the Tree of Life. You can buy this magical oil in it's pure, organic form from Cleopatra's Choice. One of the most beneficial oils available, it is one of the most sought after oils to buy, due to its multitude of benefits:

- Moisturizes dry, flaky skin
- Conditions cuticles
- Strengthens nails
- Minimizes and prevents fine lines
- Increasing tones, reducing blemishes
- Helps heal scars
- Prevents stretch marks
- Conditions split ends
- Smoothes away frizzy hair

All resulting in soft, glowing skin, smooth, shiny hair that keep you looking healthy naturally. Experience the secret of this magical Moroccan oil...

Cleopatra's Diary:

"I first discovered this amazing oil upon my travels to Morocco, which was one of my stops on my world travels. We visited the Berber tribes and tents and I was amazed at the beautiful hospitality argan oil grindingof the people. The people we met were very generous with whatever small amounts they had to offer and most of all with their smiles and kind words. Usually it has been my experience that in the poorest parts of the world, it's hard for women to maintain their beauty for long. There are many reasons for this, including lack of proper nutrition, stress and a focus on finding the daily necessities instead of thinking about looks and beauty. This place was different somehow. The women had smooth, radiant skin and silky, shiny hair. Of course I wanted to know what their secret was. These women were not getting botox or plastic surgery, nor did they have money to spend on beauty products.

When I asked about this, one of the elder women took me by the hand and walked me outside to a part of the village where several women were sitting and grinding some kind of seeds in clay bowls. (later I found out these were seeds of the argan tree, which is indigenous to Morocco). They were happily singing and chatting with each other while they were doing this. The grinding of the seeds resulted in some kind of thick oil that was being deposited in large clay jars. The woman took a very small dab of the oil and applied it to my cheek. Suddenly it became all clear and I realized this was their secret. The oil absorbed quickly into my skin and made it immediately soft. My skin was dry from traveling through this dry part of the world and the part where the oil was applied was noticeably much more hydrated and radiant. The people in this village also used the oil for cooking, and while I didn't taste a huge difference versus using olive oil, I later found out this Moroccan oil had some more nutritional benefits of which I will write later. (currently you can buy Argan oil in it's cosmetic form, but soon we'll have the culinary version as well and an argan oil hair serum, but immediately knew that this was something that I had to share with my friends and family back home in the United States. Since then I've heard nothing but amazing things about the results of using this oil from my close ones and customers.

I also felt really good about being able to help these wonderful people in exchange for the fruits of their labor. Currently as this products is becoming more and more popular, it's actually providing sustainable living income for over 3 million people and is produces almost 100% by the women in these tribes. It feels good to be a small part of that and help contribute to the well being of even a few people in this world while helping my friends and neighbors discover a true beauty gem.

These days the oil, also sometimes referred to as Moroccan oil, is quickly becoming more known in the United States, including recent a recent article raving about it and calling it liquid gold (they took my term for it :) in the New York Times (read article here) and other media publications. You can also learn more about the oil at this Wikipedia entry."

Blessings and Peace to You My Friend,

- Cleopatra

Essential Oil content of Argan Oil

Fatty acid Percentage
Palmitic 12.0%
Stearic 6.0%
Oleic 42.8%
Linoleic 36.8%
Linolenic <0.5%
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