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The acne treatment products below have been proven by our past clients to help relieve and provide treatment for acne, clearing up your face and preventing breakouts and zits from coming back. Your skin will not "get used" to our natural acne treatment products because they are based on natural ingredients not irritating chemicals like many of today's "mainstream" acne skin care products. Natural treatment, like our natural acne soap, is a great alternative to today's over the counter products because it doesn't over dry or irritate skin while gently removing blemishes, zits and pimples and preventing them from returning.

The problem with most over the counter acne treatment products is that they simply don't work. Actually some of them will work for a short period and then stop being effective. There is a dirty little secret which causes this - most of the popular treatment brands contain harsh chemicals which your skin gets used to and they stop being effective, because they are not natural. On top of that some of them end up over-drying your face which some times can cause even more redness and zits. The reason why our natural acne treatment creams and products, like the natural acne soap, are so effective - right away - and in the long run is that they are based on natural ingredients which do not irritate the skin as they clear and prevent breakouts. Also the ingredients in our acne treatment products - for example, the high concentration of minerals and vitamins- actually make your skin healthier and help it control oil flow better as well as minimizing pores and preventing them from getting clogged (a major cause for breakouts). This therapeutic effect is a much healthier and better treatment for your skin - with clearer skin and much better results than some of the popular acne brands which use unnatural chemicals to only create the cosmetic appearance of a healthier skin. Our customers' results speak for themselves - we have had hundreds of clients email us to let us know how their life has changed for the better since they started using our natural acne treatment products.
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