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Sugar Body Scrubs


There’s something sweet about starting or ending your day with an exotic sugar scrub like the variety offered at Cleopatra’s Choice. Pure Fiji’s organic scrubs offer a divine means to pamper yourself while preparing for the day ahead or relaxing after a stressful one you’re leaving behind. You may not be showering in a glamorous tropical location but when using Coconut Sugar Rub in either Coconut or Coconut Milk & Honey Scents, you will certainly feel like it. The pure coconut oils and fresh sugar cane crystals will gently buff away dirt and unclog pores all while leaving your skin soft, hydrated and smelling incredible. Pure Fiji sugar rubs are versatile as you can use them not just on the entire body, but also the face or hands and feet when prepping for a manicure or pedicure.

Another luxurious option in terms of a gentle exfoliation sugar scrub is that of Oro Gold 24K Sugar Exfoliation. How could you not feel pampered when conditioning your skin with 24k gold particles? The rich scrub doesn’t just help to cleanse but will also aid in the purification and clarification of your skin as well. By luxuriously removing dead skin cells and dirt that could eventually lead to body acne, skin will instead be left soft and smooth. Not only that, it can reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs by cleansing plugged follicles. Keep your body’s complexion youthful and glowing thanks to one of our amazing and lux sugar scrubs. Skin will be kept moisturized, supple and healthier cell regeneration will be encouraged all through the daily use of these gentle skin treatments.