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Psoriasis Treatment Products

"My father has a really bad case of Psoriasis and your Adovia Dead Sea products really help him feel better. I want to say thanks for offering these natural psoriasis products, it's the first thing I've found that's really helped him!" Debra - Lakewood, MI

"I've had severe plaque psoriasis for several years. My doctor prescribed just about everything on the market, including very expensive products ($327 for 4 oz bottle) and chemotherapy products. Nothing helped. I decided to try your Dead Sea Salts after seeing your web site and reading reviews. I'm amazed at the difference soaking in a tub of warm water and Dead Sea Salts makes. I can see psoriasis scales floating to the top of the water about 10 seconds after I get in the bath. My skin is getting smoother with each bath. I'm a customer for life." Janet Niemeyer - Bixby, OK

Get a natural psoriasis treatment with Dead Sea skin care treatments. On this page we are listing psoriasis products which are selected for their specific benefits in providing relief from Psoriasis. The high mineral content present in Dead Sea salt and the detoxifying properties of the salts and mud, cleanse and detoxify the body naturally, pulling toxins away and out from the skin and offering quick and effective relief from Psoriasis. Psoriasis Dead Sea salt products using Dead Sea minerals have been proven to provide natural treatment for Psoriasis and Psoriasis symptoms.

Whether you have a light case of Psoriasis on your elbow or a more serious case covering more of your body you need to try Adovia psoriasis treatment products before you get another steroid cream from your doctor. We have so many people who call us almost shocked after they try our psoriasis treatment products because they never would have believed a natural product can provide this kind of relief. I talk to these people daily on the phone and I look forward to receiving your testimonial as well - Sharon
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