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Oro Gold Cosmetics

Cleopatra's Choice is an Authorized Oro Gold Retailer.
Guaranteed 100% Brand New and Authentic Oro Gold products.
  • IMPORTANT: Beware of counterfeit or expired products sold by non-authorized retailers!
  • 24K Gold Imported from Italy
OK! | July 26, 2013
"I’ve tried all of them and they’re amazing." - Denise Richards, Oro Gold Spokesperson
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South Florida Luxury Guide | July / August 2013
The products were chosen as the editor’s favorite picks of beauty products available in the Miami Florida area.
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PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, recently we have been alerted by Oro Gold to several shady characters that have gotten access to expired cosmetics from this brand and are selling them on various websites for what appears to be a discount price. The manufacturer of the brand has warned us that, in fact, they have a strong suspicion that these products may be counterfeit via testing that they have done. Because of this, even if you don't buy your products from us, we highly recommend that you make sure that you are purchasing the cosmetics from an Authorized Retailer ONLY - for your own protection from the scammers that are out there.

A little known piece of historical fact is that Cleopatra herself - considered the most beautiful woman in the world, in addition to using cosmetics made with minerals from the Dead Sea, also applied a mask containing pure gold every night before going to sleep. Today there is a scientifically designed method to have creams and cosmetics made with gold, which penetrate the skin on a much deeper level and also help to carry active ingredients deep into the skin cells. Check out the video above to find out more about the beautifying and healing properties of gold and how Oro Gold cosmetics is designed to harness that power and deliver it into your skin.

Finally you can experience the legendary healing power of gold in the comfort of your own home. These luxurious products will leave your skin feeling like you treated yourself like a Queen. A rich formula made with 24 Karat Gold minerals as a base, blended with essential vitamins, oils and active ingredients, this line is the secret to rejuvenating the skin and giving it a continued youthful appearance.

For centuries, Chinese and Indian medicine believed gold to be a key to the fountain of youth. In ancient times, Queens used a gold massage roller on their face for it’s anti-aging qualities. Cleopatra herself wore a golden mask used as a preventative treatment for pre-mature aging and to maintain a radiant-looking glow. The secret to this extravagance is in fact scientific: a higher concentration and circulation of blood is drawn to the area that gold is applied to, activating cell regeneration.

The well-known mineral of gold activates electric charges in the skin’s cells. This process, in turn activates a cellular process to regenerate and repair damaged skin cells. With repeated use, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is diminished over time.

Armed with this knowledge, the brand developers blended a unique formula into cleansers, serums and moisturizers and anti wrinkle products as well as facial masks. When combined, the cosmetics contain a unique formula that helps to release trapped dirt and oil, tightens skin, reduces wrinkles, restores and hydrates deep below the surface, all resulting in a healthy glow.

Other benefits of the special formula: Gold slows down collagen depletion to prevent wrinkles and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin. Both are important proteins that repair the skin, stimulates cellular growth for resilience and firms the skin cells to provide a tightening and smooth effect. Gold's anti-inflammatory properties which helps with blood circulation, decreases skin inflammation, slowing down melanin secretion (pigment color), reducing the appearance of sun damage and age spots. It is therefore perfect for all skin types, from adolescents with oily skin to adults with drier skin conditions.

Oro Gold has several specialized product lines which are formulated to help maintain a healthy, youthful glow:

  • Everyday Facial Care Products, like a moisturizer, night cream and eye cream
  • Specially formulated eye care products to target the sensitive area around the eyes.
  • Acne Skin Care products
  • The Oro Gold Collagen Series of products - designed to rejuvenate skin and make it more youthful and supple looking.
  • Body Care Products like Body Butter and Foot Cream
  • Bionic Series is similar to Botox, but without the injections
  • the DMAE Series is the most advanced line available from OroGold cosmetics

Oro Gold is the one stop shop for all of your skin care and anti-aging needs. Click through to review Oro Gold cleansing, moisturizing and anti-aging products that will leave you glowing and feeling pampered like royalty.

Cleopatra's Choice is the leader in skin care & natural cosmetics products. We offer Oro Gold Cosmetics with natural ingredients, vitamins & antioxidants. Try Oro Gold Skin Care – great for all skin types!
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Melbourne, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product
This is an amazing product. Your skin will never feel so soft. Feels like the best thing you have ever put on your face. Skin looks so radiant. Feels best following the peel.
You notice a difference in your skin immediately,
Expensive but worth it!

Tampa, fl
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This really does work
I am in my mid 60's but feel young. Those tiny lines on the face and under the eyes along with the sag was making be look old. So I was ambushed at the mall and high pressured into buying this as well as the day cream, night cream. I don't spend a lot on my maintenance and since it will last a year ??? I did it. After 3 weeks even my husband, who doesn't notice when I get my hair cut, actually commented on how refreshed and young my skin looked. So what better compliment can there be after 40 years. It is expensive but you only use a VERY small amount and it makes your skin look and actually feel better. I really love the skin peel which I use 2x a week too. It is well worth the initial shock in the pocket book but hopefully it will be only once a year!!!
The initial cost

Elk Grove, Ca
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

love this product
I love, love,love this product, I have very oily skin and its hard to find a moisturizer to wear under foundation and then look like an oil slick an hour later. It feels silky and goes on so smoothy, and smells very nice, not perfume
the way it feels, and smells

Huntington Beach, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Oro Gold 24K Deep Day Moisturizer Cream SPF 10 -
Wow! Someone handed me a sample of this cream - and I held on to it for weeks - then I tried it and I will never be without it. Thank you Oro Gold!

5 Stars
(1 Reviews)
Marie Nielsen
Salt Lake Utah
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Truly delicious!
I got this hand creame for Christmas. I am in love with it. It keeps my hands smooth as velvet and the fragrance is wonderful. I am still looking for a parfume that smells like this creme. I would recommend it to everyone!!!

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