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Facial Products

goPure Natural Facial Cleanser with Vitamin C, Rosehip Oil, Organic Aloe Vera - Gentle, Sulfate Free - 8oz
kathy ireland by reVive Light Therapy Anti Aging System
PMD Personal Microderm System
Reg: $25.00
Reg: $169.00
Reg: $179.00
(43 Reviews)
(12 Reviews)
goPure Vitamin C Serum - Anti Wrinkle - 20% Professional Strength - With Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Organic Aloe
Dead Sea Mud Soap by Adovia
Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask with Pure Dead Sea Mud, Aloe Vera & Vitamin C
Reg: $17.00
Reg: $12.00
Reg: $32.00
(18 Reviews)
(299 Reviews)
(97 Reviews)
GrandeLash MD Eyelash Formula - 2 Ml
Complete Anti Wrinkle Skin Care Regimen Set
Adovia Facial Moisturizer Skin Cream with Dead Sea Minerals - Dermatologist Tested & Approved
Reg: $99.00
(53 Reviews)
(12 Reviews)
(58 Reviews)
Adovia Facial Night Cream with Dead Sea Minerals
All Natural Eye Gel for Eye Puffiness, Dark Circles, Fine Lines & Wrinkles by goPURE Naturals
NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device
Reg: $26.00
Reg: $24.00
Reg: $595.00
(38 Reviews)
(38 Reviews)
NuFace Trinity ELLE Attachment
goPure Vitamin C Serum & Vitamin C Cleanser Duo Set
goPure Facial Care Kit
Reg: $300.00
Reg: $79.99
(2 Reviews)
Vivo Per Lei Kit - Peeling Complex, Moisture Complex & Vitamin C Serum - White Diamond Collection
Vivo Per Lei Kit - Eye Serum, Eye Cream, Dark Circle Solution - Blue Diamond Collection
Vivo Per Lei Kit - Lifting & Firming Cream, Lifting & Firming Mask & Lifting Serum - Red Diamond Collection
Reg: $119.00
Reg: $124.00
Reg: $169.00
Vivo Per Lei - Line Expression Serum, Cream & Mask - Black Diamond Collection
Oro Gold 24K Deep Day Moisturizing Cream - SPF 10
Oro Gold 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum
Reg: $159.00
(37 Reviews)
(8 Reviews)
Adovia Firm & Lift Facial Serum with Dead Sea Minerals & Vitamin C
All Natural Sulfur Soap with Sulfur & Dead Sea Salt by Adovia
Deitanseki Japanese Clay Soap - 5.5 oz by Nippon Kodo
Reg: $56.00
Reg: $13.00
Reg: $12.00
(39 Reviews)
(80 Reviews)
Vine Vera Merlot Collection Resveratrol Moisture Day Cream 1.83 oz
reVive by Kathy Ireland - Acne Treatment Light Therapy - 24 LEDs
reVive by kathy ireland Anti-Aging Light Therapy -  24 LEDs
Reg: $99.99
Reg: $99.99
(6 Reviews)
Full Face Beauty Panel Light Therapy - 262 LEDs
Rosacea Care Moisturizer
Adovia Dead Sea Salt Face & Body Soap - Deeply Moisturizing
Reg: $599.95
Reg: $42.75
Reg: $14.00
(8 Reviews)
(48 Reviews)
eb5 Facial Cream - 4 Oz - Now Paraben Free, Same Formula
Adovia Firm And Lift Anti-Wrinkle Duo
Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Facial Toner
Reg: $41.50
Reg: $59.00
(84 Reviews)
(17 Reviews)
(54 Reviews)
Australian Scent Clear Skin
Australian Scent Intensive Wrinkle Therapy - Face
kathy ireland by reVive Acne Treatment Light Therapy (40 LEDs)
Reg: $61.00
(5 Reviews)
(1 Review)
kathy ireland by reVive Anti-Aging Light Therapy (40 LEDs)
Adovia Dead Sea Mud Soap - 3 PACK
Adovia All Natural Sulfur Soap - 3 PACK
Reg: $27.00
Reg: $27.00
(4 Reviews)
Adovia Dead Sea Salt Face & Body Soap - 3 PACK
Natural Soap Set - Adovia Dead Sea Mud Soap, Sulfur Soap & Dead Sea Salt Soap (1 of Each)
Shea Butter 1 Pound & African Black Soap Kit
Reg: $27.00
Reg: $25.00
(4 Reviews)
(5 Reviews)
(4 Reviews)
African Black Soap Made with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil - 3 12oz Bars
Skin Care Tools
Reg: $31.00
(3 Reviews)

Ready to put your best face forward? Cleopatra’s Choice offers a variety of facial skin care items that will keep your skin looking fresh, healthy and vibrant. Taking care of your skin can be tricky, especially if you have a certain type that needs special attention. We offer a variety of items that include facial skin care products like moisturizers, eye creams, facial serums, masks, cleansers, natural soap, facial toners, salt scrubs, face peels and night creams.

Taking care of your face and having clear, smooth, gorgeous skin goes a long way to feeling fully confident and attractive. The facial skin care regimen that you make a habit of following can impact the way your skin looks dramatically for better and with some products, unfortunately for worse. We carefully tested all the facial products we offer on this page from cleansers to anti wrinkle serums and everything in between. The products you see on this page have numerous testimonials from our past clients who have fallen in love with these facial products.

We have products for every one of the 3 key steps to your daily facial care regimen: 1. Cleansing 2. Exfoliating and Purifying 3. Moisturizing and Treatment. Each of the three steps are important for anyone who is looking to have clear and more youthful looking skin.

You may find that you need different facial products during different weather conditions, or your skin might require various treatments. For those with dry skin, normal skin, acne prone skin, combination skin or sensitive skin, Cleopatra’s Choice offers facial skin care treatment designed specifically for your needs. A normal daily regimen includes washing with a facial cleanser or mud soap followed by a toner. Afterwards, a daily moisturizer should be applied as needed. Your night routine should follow this, with a night cream replacing the day cream for optimal skin care. For those that desire even better results, our eye creams, facial serums and facial skin care peels provide extra exfoliation and moisture for those that need it. A weekly Adovia mud mask is also recommended for purification and exfoliating renewal of the skin.

In addition to using the facial skin products found above, there are always other things that you can do to help prevent early aging of your skin or prevent other skin conditions such as acne or rosacea. For one it's important to be careful of the sun and either use a moisturizer or makeup with UV protection or add a dab of sun block after you apply your regular moisturizer. The foods you eat are also important to preventing breakouts acne and even aging of the facial skin. Fruits and vegetables provide nutrients that your skin needs, fish oil as well as olive oil are known to help make skin and hair look much healthier and provide a healthy "glow". The facial skin care products we carry have been chosen to help you complete your habits of taking great care of your skin by providing a custom facial skin care regimen that best fits your skin type and any special treatment conditions that you may want to treat.

Our lines of facial skin care covers all the bases and our products contain innovative ingredients that will leave skin feeling pampered and healthy from morning to night.