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Eye Creams

The old saying, “the eyes are the windows of the soul” is not as corny as some people think. Modern psychological research is discovering that looking into the eyes of another person look enough brings an emotional response that resembles friendship or love. The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive skin on the face so it is more susceptible to wrinkles, lines, and dark circles. The rich

Anti-aging formulas may be great for other areas of the face, but the skin around the eyes needs special ingredients since it is so delicate, sensitive, and thin.

The skin around the eyes doesn’t have as many oil producing glands so it needs intense hydration that may not be suitable for other areas of the face. A daily moisturizer doesn’t produce enough hydration and it can cause irritation and redness. A good eye cream is safer and much more effective.

The first signs of aging can be a nerve rattling experience because those signs usually manifest around the eyes. Dark circles, which are blood pools in the blood vessels under the eyes, can make a twenty-five year old look forty, an a forty year old look sixty. Exercise does help stop blood from pooling under the eyes, but a good eye cream that stimulates circulation is an excellent way to keep blood flowing through those sensitive vessels.

Crow’s feet are those fine lines that appear in the corner of the eyes. Those lines appear because there are not enough oil glands in that area to prevent dry skin. Once again a good eye cream will come to the rescue and moisturize those corners, which helps prevent those pesky as well as age telling lines.

Using a good eye cream the right way helps produce results. A pencil eraser amount of cream is the perfect amount. The cream can be applied with a cotton swab or a make-up applicator, but a ring finger will produce the same results if it is applied carefully. Start around the bottom area of the eye close to the tear duct, and then gently work your way around the eye. Cover the crow’s feet and then pat the area so the cream is completely absorbed by the skin.

There is a bonus when a good eye cream is used. It not only treats the nasty signs of aging, it also acts like a foundation and concealer. We all age, but how we wear that age as the body changes in the normal life cycle is a choice. We can choose to look and feel old or we can use our windows of the soul to show how old we actually feel.


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