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Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
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Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
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Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
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Item #: CLC-0045
Size: 10 ml / 0.33 fl oz

The Essential Oils from Citrus fruits are loved universally for their sweet tanginess and up-lifting crispness.

  • The familiar smell of a freshly peeled orange or tangerine gives the air around you a light, summery aroma, a scent that conjures up images of sunny days and bright, smiling faces.
  • Cleopatra’s Choice is excited to offer you an Essential Oil blend that brings the brilliant freshness and beautifully aromatic bouquet of the Citrus fruits to your home.
  • With goPURE Naturals Essential Oil blend in ‘Citrus,’ you can make warm days at home smell light, crisp, and clean or bring energy and warmth inside in colder weather to help fend off those chilly wintery blues.
  • Citrus oils are perfect for uplifting the spirits, treating depression, and lightening one’s mood.
  • No matter what is going on outside, inside your home can be made a haven for happy days.
  • You will be surprised and delighted at how much a little aromatherapy can make a difference.
  • Citrus scents are happy flavors and can help create a positive, energizing climate for you, your family, and guests.

This special blend of Citrus Essential Oils combines three remarkable aromas that blend with and complement the other scents to make a most pleasant and bright atmosphere.

  • Orange Essential Oil is one of the most popular of all the Essential Oils, both because of its gorgeous aroma and its ability to blend well with other Essential Oils. It is a favorite among men, women, and children, and it is also one of the most recognizable scents. Orange Oil is known to relieve stress and give one a happier feeling and a brighter emotional outlook.
  • Tangerine Oil gives this blend a playful, sweet note. Citrusy and juicy, you’ll love the smell of the Tangerine Essential Oil as it wafts through the air. It is distinctly brighter and more intense than the orange, but stays lights and won’t overpower.
  • Natural Lime Oil adds complexity and dimension to the ‘Citrus’ blend. Lime Essential Oil is actually one of the most potent of the fruity oils. It is usually described as smelling tart, fresh, and crisp. Interestingly, in folklore the oil from the lime was thought to cleanse and purify the spirit, aura, and mind. Blended with other citrus oils, the lime helps to emphasize the cheeriness and cleanness of the aromatic blend.

The ‘Citrus’ blend of Essential Oils, with its fruity scent and revitalizing properties, is the aroma of choice for those looking for a subtle burst of freshness.

  • Use with a diffuser to surround yourself with the sweet, crisp ‘Citrus’ blend. It works wonderfully as a base air freshener for the living room, bathroom, or kitchen.
  • Citrus Essential Oils are also often used as natural cleaning agents. They smell great and Orange Essential Oil has natural grease-cutting abilities.
  • Add a few drops of this special blend to your mopping water or your dusting cloths to give your cleaning an extra orange-powered boost.
  • As an added bonus, your house will keep the fresh scent of the orange, tangerine, and lime longer and smell beautifully clean.

Note: Citrus Essential Oils are phototoxic which can affect the pigmentation in the skin with exposure to the sun. Do not use on the skin if you plan to be in the sun within 24 hours of use. Use with caution and care.

It is recommended to keep this Essential Oil blend refrigerated to extend shelf life.

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Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
5 Stars
(1 Reviews)
coos bay, OR
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Smells so good I want to drink it!
January 15, 2016
I LOVE this oil, it smells so delicious i use it in a facial toner I make and everyone I've given it to comments on how great it smells..Its invigorating..Feels great on the skin as well.
Amazing smell

Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
Essential Oil Blend - Citrus 10ml
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