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Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Skin Care

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  • Made in Israel with Genuine Dead Sea Minerals as the key ingredient.
  • Uniquely combines the healing power of Minerals from the Dead Sea with natural botanical ingredients from the Earth.
  • Ingredients such as Shea Butter , Aloe Vera, Vitamins C, A and E, Seaweed, Dead Sea salt, Mud and Minerals, and many more Botanical Ingredients make skin look and feel great.
The Testorter-Zone | November 22, 2012
"Definitely getting two thumbs up from me so far :)"
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Organic Mommy Today | June 25, 2012
"The smell was natural and light with no heavy fragrances it add moisture my dry hands from doing dishes..." - Celeste
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ADOVIA Mineral Skin Care

ADOVIA brings to you a luxurious mineral skin care line that is worthy of praises even from ancient royalties. Each ADOVIA product is a powerhouse of Dead Sea minerals, herbals, and other natural elements making it a pure, yet potent treatment for your various skin concerns. The most popular products by Adovia Mineral Skin Care are: Sulfur Soap, Mud Mask, Shea Butter, Salt Scrub, Facial Moisturizer, Eye Cream & Dandruff Shampoo & Deep Conditioner.

The makers of ADOVIA knew that many people, including their friends and families, are plagued with skin problems that they think is common so they just use their usual skin care products anyway. Driven by the passion to find the best solutions to these problems, ADOVIA sought to formulate a line that will both address these skin problems at their roots and that will also make you feel pampered and beautiful afterwards.

As you indulge yourself in the ADOVIA Mineral Skin Care line, you will experience the ultimate relaxation and tranquillity while your senses are practically being transported to the nourishing waters of the Dead Sea.

The minerals of the Dead Sea are boosted even more because ADOVIA also uses herbs and other natural elements that have been proven effective. Some of these elements have even been used for thousands of years. So start using ADOVIA Mineral Skin Care now and witness a love story unfold between your skin and ADOVIA.

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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea, is not actually a sea. It is a lake with Jordan to its East and Palestine and Israel to its West. It is roughly 9.6 times saltier than the ocean with a salt content of 32%. Ordinary sea water only has 3%.4 This gives the Dead Sea a higher density, thus you can easily float in it. This salinity also makes the Dead Sea a harsh environment so animals cannot thrive in it. Hence, it is called the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is the deepest salt lake in the world and said to be the lowest point on Earth. These characteristics make it the subject of health research and studies. It is also called the world’s largest natural spa. Here are some reasons why the Dead Sea is good for you.

The Dead Sea
  • There is a high mineral content in Dead Sea water.
  • There is almost an absence of pollens and allergens in the atmosphere.
  • Being the lowest point on Earth, there are less ultraviolet rays which means people with skin diseases can sunbathe for a long time.
  • Because it sits so low on Earth, it also has a higher atmospheric pressure which specifically benefits people with reduced respiratory functions.1

The book of Samuel states that King Solomon presented Dead Sea salts to the Queen of Sheba when she visited the Holy Land. Aristotle wrote about the Dead Sea waters. The Dead Sea also became one of the world’s first health resorts when Herod the Great put up his Masada fortress in the area. However, perhaps the most notable fan of the Dead Sea was Queen Cleopatra . Her lover Mark Antony gave her the title to Jericho, a portion of the Dead Sea region. Queen Cleopatra was known for her unsurpassed beauty and love for all things luxurious.

ADOVIA Mineral Skin Care products are made in Israel with ingredients coming directly from the Dead Sea. The products are made with mud, sea salt, and sea water from the Dead Sea. With ADOVIA, you will feel like you’re floating peacefully in the Dead Sea, but you’re actually getting loads of minerals that will leave you with healthier, more beautiful skin.


Dead Sea Mud

The shores of the Dead Sea contain large deposits of “Black Mud” or silt which is loaded with minerals, and some can only be found in Dead Sea mud.2 Dead Sea mud is rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium. These minerals can accelerate the skin’s natural exfoliation process and it also restore the skin’s pH balance. It is also effective for controlling the symptoms of many skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Dead Sea Mud

ADOVIA uses Dead Sea mud in its Mud Mask and Mud Soap . A Dead Sea mud mask can improve the skin’s elasticity, and minimize pores, wrinkles, and lines.3 It also stimulates blood flow in the skin, and renews and strengthens the skin cells.4 When it dries, toxins and other impurities are drawn out from your skin cells giving you a thorough skin cleansing.

Dead Sea Salts

Sea salts vary in grade, scent and obviously, the origin. Dead Sea Salt is a high-grade, mineral-rich salt that has been used for centuries as treatment for many health issues. The Dead Sea is special because it contains more salt than most bodies of water in the world. Tourists flock the Dead Sea not only to experience floating in it but also to treat their different skin ailments. Dead Sea salts help in the following ways.

  • Relieve stress
  • Slow down skin aging
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Soften and moisturize dry, flaky skin
  • Hydrate the skin and maintain a natural moisture balance
  • Relieve fluid retention
  • Replenish minerals in the skin
  • Relieve symptoms of psoriasis
  • Reduce redness and irritation
  • Stimulate blood circulation which relieves rheumatic conditions like muscle and joint aches

You can enjoy the Dead Sea salts sourced directly from the Dead Sea, pure and certified authentic with the ADOVIA Pure Dead Sea Bath Salts. It is also used in almost all ADOVIA products.

Dead Sea Salts

Dead Sea Water

Dead Sea Water

ADOVIA products do not just use any water, or ordinary sea water for that matter. ADOVIA products use Dead Sea sea water. It shares the same bounty of minerals as the Dead Sea mud and salts. These minerals nourish the skin, ease rheumatic discomfort, activate the circulatory system, and relax the nerves.5 We can’t all fly to the Promise Land all the time but we can quench our skin’s thirst for Dead Sea water with ADOVIA.

ADOVIA Minerals

ADOVIA products are nourishing and rejuvenating because they contain minerals. The Dead Sea components are combined with other minerals from all over the Earth to provide you with products that leave you with healthy and beautiful skin.

Dead Sea Minerals
Chloride Chloride is an electrolyte that helps balance the amount of fluids inside and outside of the skin cells. Chloride comes from salt and when used on the skin, the benefits are numerous. It exfoliates to promote cell renewal, reduces wrinkles, and makes your skin smooth. It helps heal psoriasis and eczema. It flushes toxins, detoxifies by raising the sulfate levels in the body, and relieves stress.6
Bromine Bromine soothes and calms inflammations as well as the nerves in the skin.
Magnesium Magnesium is quickly absorbed by the skin and it is a key component in many processes in the body. It heals the skin, prevents redness, and treats itching and irritations due to allergies. It helps in the circulation of oxygen in the blood and activates the immune system. It also works on the cellular level by strengthening the cell membranes, repairing the cell nuclei, and giving extra energy to the cells to help them fight aggressors.
Sodium Sodium helps balance the fluids outside of skin cells and helps improve cell metabolism. It also heals dryness and promotes flexibility in the skin.
Calcium Calcium plays a major role in cell division and renewal because it is a key component to the protein enzyme kinase C or PKC, which is responsible for normal cell division. Calcium also protects the skin from dryness and helps the skin fight free radical damage through antioxidants.
Potassium Potassium is responsible mostly for skin moisture. It helps control the acidity level, balance the fluids in the cells, and maintain the moisture levels in the skin. It helps in protein synthesis and feed nutrients into the cell membranes as well. It also calms acne breakouts and prevents free radical damage to the skin.
Sulfur Sulfur is famous for treating different kinds of skin ailments. Sulfur helps in cell renewal and in collagen production for skin elasticity and firmness. It also kills bacteria and fungus, and treats dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin problems.

We at Cleopatra’s Choice champion ADOVIA Mineral Skin Care not just because
Queen Cleopatra actually chose the Dead Sea. We believe in ADOVIA also because
it brings to us the potent healing powers of the Dead Sea
in its purest and most natural form.

ADOVIA Herbals

Aside from minerals, herbal elements are also key to the success of ADOVIA Mineral Skin Care. Most of these herbal ingredients have been used ever since the ancient times. No celebrity endorsement can top that assurance of standing through the test of time.


  • Carrot (Daucus carota) Seed Oil

    Carrot Seed Oil is often an underrated essential oil but it has limitless potentials when it comes to health benefits.

    • It has a soft earthy smell which is good for relieving stress and exhaustion.
    • Detoxifies
    • Rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin
    • Aids in fighting psoriasis, eczema, weeping sores, rashes, and dermatitis
    • Helps prevent wrinkles and age spots7
    • Contains antioxidants
    • Tones the skin8

    You might hate eating carrots but your skin and hair will love it when you try Carrot Seed Oil. It is in ADOVIA Dead Sea Night Renewal Cream , Mineral Facial Toner , and the ADOVIA Dead Sea Mud Shampoo.

  • Evening Primrose

    Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis) Oil

    Evening Primrose Oil is used by some people to treat an itching disorder called neurodermatitis.9 It is also effective against acne, eczema, and even relieves rheumatoid arthritis.10 Evening Primrose Oil is in many ADOVIA products. Try the ADOVIA Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotions which are available in different scents that you will find delightful.

  • Grape (Vitis vinifera) Seed Oil

    Grape Seed Oil is a powerful anti-aging ingredient. It promotes collagen and elastin production. It also contains antioxidants that fight free radicals11 which cause signs of aging like wrinkles, lines, blemishes, and dark spots. It works well for skin tightening and against acne too.12 Try the ADOVIA Dead Sea Salt Scrubs and see how Grape Seed Oil can give you younger looking skin.

  • Jojoba (Buxus chinensis) Oil

    Jojoba Oil is used to treat acne, psoriasis, sunburn, and chapped skin.13 It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and as a skin hydrator.14 Jojoba Oil is in ADOVIA Dead Sea Salt Scrubs, Facial Mud Mask, and Toner.

    Jojoba Oil
  • Olive (Olea europaea) Oil

    Aside from being used for healthy cooking, olive oil is also great for your skin. It protects the skin from ultraviolet damages after exposure to the sun.15 Olive Oil moisturizes, hydrates, and exfoliates your skin. It contains anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also good for treating the symptoms of dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.16 The ADOVIA Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotions , Mud Masks , and Eye Gel are just some of the ADOVIA products that contain Olive Oil. Olive Oil doesn’t need to stay in your kitchen. It also belongs with your beauty regimen.

  • Peach (Prunus persica) Kernel Oil

    Peach Kernel Oil is a strong antioxidant.17 It contains vitamins A, B, and the antioxidant vitamin E. It is also suitable for sensitive skin that is prone to inflammation and irritation.18 Peach Kernel Oil can be found in the ADOVIA Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotions.

  • Sweet Almond (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) Oil

    Sweet Almond Oil acts as a lubricant for the skin’s surface. This gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance.19 In addition, it also acts as a moisturizer and exfoliant. It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties like removing dark circles in the eye area and reducing wrinkles. It also fights acne as well as stretch marks.20 Aside from the ADOVIA Dead Sea Salt Scrubs , Sweet Almond Oil is also used in the Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Cream , Facial Toner, and Dandruff shampoo.


  • Algae Extract

    Algae Extract

    Algae Extract is derived from marine algae and it is a rich source of amino acids for the skin.21 It also protects and whitens the skin, and prevents skin diseases such as dermatitis.22 With ADOVIA you don’t have to go to the beach to fish out algae. You can just step into your bathroom and enjoy Algae Extract with the ADOVIA Shampoo, Conditioner, and Shower Gel.

  • Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) Gel and Leaf Extract

    Aloe Vera is also known as the “plant of immortality”.23 It can treat burns, sunburns, psoriasis, and cold sores. It helps wounds heal faster by increasing the circulation in the tiny blood vessels in the skin. It also kills bacteria and fungi.24 Not everyone has Aloe Vera growing in their backyards. Instead reap the benefits of the “plant of immortality” by using ADOVIA products like the Mud Mask, Salt Scrubs, and Lotions. You can even look immortal while protecting your skin with the ADOVIA HydraRadiance Age Defying Pressed Mineral Foundation SPF 15.

    Aloe Vera
  • Chamomile

    Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) Extract

    Chamomile Extract is calming and soothing to the skin. It also provides anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin.25

    It also relieves allergies, speeds up wound healing, soothes eczema, prevents bacteria, and provides general relaxation and stress relief. Relax in the essence of chamomile with any of the ADOVIA Dead Sea Salt Scrubs and Lotions, or even treat your skin with intense anti-aging effects from the Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Daily Moisturizer, and Facial Serum.

  • Ginseng (Panax ginseng) Extract

    The Chinese have been using ginseng for over 5000 years. It is also referred to as the "flower of life" because it can be used in many aspects of the body. Ginseng contains a large number of phytonutrients which make it an effective anti-aging treatment. It also stimulates and activates the skin’s metabolism and blood flow, regenerates and tones the skin, preserves elasticity and vitality of the skin, and helps prevent loss of moisture.26 Aside from the ADOVIA Scrubs and Lotions, Ginseng Extract is also in the Mud Mask, Sheer Tint Moisturizer, Night Renewal Cream, and the Eye Cream.

  • Papaya (Carica papaya) Extract

    Papaya offers a wide range of proven benefits. Some of which are the following.

    • Acne treatment
    • Clears blemishes
    • Treats eczema
    • Sunscreen
    • Exfoliant
    • Improves wrinkles
    • Effective bleaching agent
    • Bacteriostatic or stops bacteria, bactericidal or kills bacteria, and fungicidal or kills fungi
    • Has free radical scavenging activity
    • Protects, soothes, and moisturizes the skin
    • Works as a skin toner and cleanser
    • Works as a pain reliever or muscle relaxant27

    You can receive the many blessings of Papaya when you use the ADOVIA Scrubs, Lotions and Creams.

  • Soybean (Glycine soja) Extract

    Soybean Extract softens, conditions, and moisturizes the skin.28 Other benefits of Soybean Extract include acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, containing antioxidants that are rich in vitamin E, and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Genistein, a soybean extract component, also stimulates production of collagen.29 Now, your body can get nutrients from eating soybeans while your skin can get Soybean Extract nourishment from the ADOVIA Creams and Lotions.


  • Beeswax

    Stinging bees bring to mind images of pain and panic, but there’s more about bees that you should be thankful for than fearful of. One of the many good things about bees is beeswax. Beeswax is effective as a skin care ingredient in the following ways.

    • Forms a barrier that protects the skin from irritants while still allowing the skin to breathe
    • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral benefits
    • Softens the skin
    • Draws moisture to the skin and locks it in
    • Contains vitamin A which aids in cell reconstruction and softening, and hydrating dry skin30

    Don’t hurt the bees if you want to try beeswax. Instead, get beeswax from the ADOVIA Facial Mud Mask with Dead Sea Mud.

  • Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii)

    Shea Butter relieves many skin concerns including:

    Shea Butter
    • Dryness
    • Rashes
    • Peeling
    • Blemishes and wrinkles
    • Itching
    • Sunburn
    • Wounds
    • Skin cracks
    • Tough or rough skin like on the feet
    • Stretch marks
    • Skin allergies
    • Eczema
    • Dermatitis31

    You can get the all-around, multi-purpose goodness of Shea Butter from the ADOVIA Lotions, Hand Cream and Shampoo.

This chart summarizes the benefits of the herbal oils and extracts, and other natural ingredients that ADOVIA uses. The ADOVIA Mineral Skin Care line has something for every skin issue you might have, whether it’s dryness, premature aging, or even stubborn skin diseases like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

Moisturizer Anti-aging Antioxidant Anti-inflammatory Acne Dermatitis Eczema Psoriasis
Carrot Seed Oil
Evening Primrose Oil
Grape Seed Oil
Jojoba Oil
Olive Oil
Peach Kernel Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Algae Extract
Aloe Vera
Chamomile Extract
Ginseng Extract
Papaya Extract
Soybean Extract
Shea Butter

A rich, inviting reservoir of minerals, extracts, and oils awaits you.
Dive into the healing pool of ADOVIA and come out
refreshed, revitalized, and rejuvenated.

Skin Health Tips

The ADOVIA Mineral Skin Care line of products can give you round the clock protection and luxurious pampering. You can start your mornings with the ADOVIA Day Moisturizing Cream which is a non-greasy daytime moisturizer that will protect your skin against daily pollutants and keep your skin moisture levels balanced. It is also an ideal makeup base especially for the ADOVIA line of makeups – with a complete line ranging from foundations to lip tints. Most of which will protect your skin with anywhere between SPF15 to SPF20. ADOVIA even has an Eye Makeup Remover for when you get home from a day’s work or play.

Anytime you want to take a bath, ADOVIA will turn your bathroom into the Dead Sea because of the minerals within its products. You can nourish your body while lounging in your tub with the Dead Sea Salt Scrubs, Dead Sea Mud Shampoo and Conditioner, and Dead Sea Mud Shower Gel. You can also choose between the ADOVIA Dead Sea Mud Soap, Dead Sea Salt Soap, or Sulfur Soap. These are all beneficial to your skin especially if you have skin ailments like dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis. ADOVIA even has Pure Dead Sea Mud and Salt which you can also avail of either for bathing, soaking, or any other purpose you can think of. They are unprocessed, certified authentic, and came directly from the Dead Sea.

To moisturize your entire body after bathing, you can use the ADOVIA Dead Sea Body Lotions. To keep your hands moisturized all the time, use the ADOVIA Dead Sea Hand Cream. This will impress anyone who will shake your soft, silky hands.

ADOVIA will also help you reverse the hands of time with Dead Sea Mineral Lift Serum and Intensive Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Cream at any time of the day.

At night, you can use the ADOVIA Night Renewal Cream to optimize your skin’s natural healing and regenerating processes while you sleep.

Start your mornings with the
ADOVIA Day Moisturizing Cream

Turn your bathroom
inth the Dead Sea;
choose between
Dead Sea Mud
, Dead
Sea Salt
, or

Moisturize after
bathing with the
Body Lotions
. Keep your
hands moisturized all the
time, with ADOVIA Dead
Sea Hand Cream

Reverse the hands of time with Dead
Sea Mineral Lift Serum
and Intensive
Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Cream
at any
time of the day

Eye Makeup
for when
you get home from
a day's work
or play

At night, you can use
the ADOVIA Night
Renewal Cream
optimize your
skin's natural
healing and
while you

the clock
Beauty Regimen

Experience what it’s like to get spa treatments every minute of the day.
Spoil your entire body as well as your senses with ADOVIA.

  1. "Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease". Dead Sea Research Center. Retrieved May 22, 2007.
  2. Ma’or, Zeev et al. "Antimicrobial properties of Dead Sea black mineral mud", International Journal of Dermatology, May 2006.
    Retrieved on 2008-04-13.
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I love this product. As an extremely pale female its so hard to find a tinted moisturizer that fits your skin tone without looking ridiculous. The porcelain is perfect for me. It blends into my face and it doesnt leave a "cakey" feeling or look. Its super easy to travel with and its lasted me over 3 months so far. A lot of it is not needed to spread throughout your entire face and I never find myself having to reapply through the day. A must have A+ Product! you wont be dissapointed

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Long Wait Is Over
I relied on somebody else's review and I feel I need to return the favor. I've been using for just two weeks as a soap to remove the scars on my back. The scars are still there but I see a big improvement as compared to other products that I've used before which never produce good results. Now I also use it on my face and entire body and the results are really great. Give this product a try and you'll never regret it. A bit costly but I tried some cheaper ones and never got the results I wanted that I got with this product.
Skin deeply clean and moisturized. My face has become at least 90% oily.

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Nothing Better!
If you use hand lotion this is the one to use. It smells wonderful and leaves no greasy feeling later, just smooth, soft hands and a comfortably light scent. And... comes in the professional size!

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5 Stars
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Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Toner
I have been using this toner for the past couple years and I will never go back to what I was using before. I have oily and acne prone skin and all other toners I have used in the past either dried out my skin too excessively or after a couple of hours, my face would have that oily shine back. Plus, none of the other toners would help control and diminish my acne! But this toner does not dry out my face, the oily shine doesn't come back, and it helps control and diminish acne. Use it in combination with the Dead Sea Soap and you will definitely see great results. Plus if you buy the professional size toner, you don't have to buy it nearly as often, as the bottle lasts for quite a while. I highly recommend this toner!

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