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  • Made in Israel with Genuine Dead Sea Minerals as the key ingredient.
  • Uniquely combines the healing power of Minerals from the Dead Sea with natural botanical ingredients from the Earth.
  • Ingredients such as Shea Butter , Aloe Vera, Vitamins C, A and E, Seaweed, Dead Sea salt, Mud and Minerals, and many more Botanical Ingredients make skin look and feel great.
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Adovia Dead Sea Mud Soap
Adovia Sulfur Soap
Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap
Price: $10.00
Price: $9.00
Reg: $9.00
Now: $7.95
(263 Reviews)
(72 Reviews)
(36 Reviews)
Facial Mud Mask with Dead Sea Mud by Adovia
Adovia Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask - Professional Size
Adovia Day Moisturizing Cream - 1.7 Oz.
Reg: $38.00
Now: $29.00
Reg: $117.00
Now: $59.00
Reg: $35.00
Now: $29.95
(78 Reviews)
(10 Reviews)
(53 Reviews)
Adovia Day Moisturizing Cream - Professional Size
Adovia Sheer Tint Mineral Moisturizer SPF 20
Adovia Intensive Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Reg: $199.95
Now: $68.00
Reg: $28.00
Now: $15.95
Price: $39.00
(2 Reviews)
(20 Reviews)
(17 Reviews)
Adovia Intensive Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Cream - Professional Size
Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Lift Serum
Adovia Firm And Lift Anti-Wrinkle Duo
Reg: $199.95
Now: $88.00
Reg: $60.00
Now: $50.00
Reg: $100.00
Now: $79.95
(5 Reviews)
(33 Reviews)
(15 Reviews)
Adovia Complete Anti Wrinkle Regimen
Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream - Professional Size
Adovia Dead Sea Hand Cream - Professional Size
Reg: $158.00
Now: $99.95
Reg: $40.00
Now: $25.95
Reg: $33.00
Now: $26.00
(8 Reviews)
(18 Reviews)
(37 Reviews)
Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub - Ocean Breeze
Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub - Lavender
Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub - Cucumber-Melon
Reg: $24.00
Now: $18.00
Reg: $26.00
Now: $18.00
Reg: $22.00
Now: $18.00
(13 Reviews)
(15 Reviews)
(16 Reviews)
Dead Sea Salt
Adovia Dead Sea Night Renewal Cream
Adovia All Day and Night Hydration Kit
Price: $29.00
Reg: $55.00
Now: $50.00
(33 Reviews)
(24 Reviews)
Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Eye Gel
Adovia Exfoliating Dead Sea Facial Salts
Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Facial Toner
Reg: $36.00
Now: $22.95
Reg: $19.99
Now: $17.95
Reg: $21.00
Now: $19.95
(50 Reviews)
(38 Reviews)
(22 Reviews)
Adovia Mineral Concealer
Adovia HydraRadiance Age Defying Pressed Mineral Foundation SPF 15
Adovia Liquid Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15
Reg: $9.99
Now: $7.95
Reg: $22.99
Now: $15.95
Reg: $21.99
Now: $15.95
(12 Reviews)
(13 Reviews)
(34 Reviews)
Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo
Adovia Mineral Balsam Conditioner
Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo and Balsam Conditioner Duo
Reg: $19.00
Now: $16.00
Reg: $17.00
Now: $12.95
Price: $30.95
(66 Reviews)
(10 Reviews)
(1 Review)
Adovia Mineral Balsam Conditioner - Professional Size
Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shower Gel
Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotion - Cucumber-Melon
Reg: $49.00
Now: $34.00
Reg: $32.00
Now: $28.00
Reg: $18.00
Now: $5.00
(9 Reviews)
(5 Reviews)
Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotion - Ocean
Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Body Lotion - Natural - Professional Size
Reg: $18.00
Now: $5.00
Reg: $40.00
Now: $28.00
(9 Reviews)
(11 Reviews)
The Testorter-Zone | November 22, 2012
"Definitely getting two thumbs up from me so far :)"
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Organic Mommy Today | June 25, 2012
"The smell was natural and light with no heavy fragrances it add moisture my dry hands from doing dishes..." - Celeste
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When it comes to skin and body care, products with natural ingredients tend to produce exquisite results. Such is the case with Adovia skin care products. The line is made in Israel using only the freshest minerals directly from the Dead Sea which are then combined with other natural botanical ingredients straight from Mother Earth. Simply stated, there is perhaps no line as rich in quality ingredients as what you will find with Adovia. Mineral skin care is not just exquisite in its composition, but leaves our skin naturally revitalized and healthy.

Adovia has products for face, body and hair, each designed to meet specific needs. Those suffering from acne for instance may gravitate toward Adovia Sulfur Soap. The soap is enriched with minerals and sulfur from the Dead Sea. Sulfur is known for its healing properties in combatting skin ailments such as Eczema and especially acne. Others may not be suffering from acne, but may still be on a quest for a lush and reliant daytime moisturizer, such as Adovia Day Moisturizing Cream. Quenching your skin with natural Dead Sea minerals, Aloe Vera and an all-natural UV protectant, this quick-absorbing and non-greasy moisturizer provides deep hydration lasting the entire day, without clogging pores.

Adovia even has 100 percent pure and genuine Dead Sea Bath Salts. Containing the highest concentration of minerals possible, the composition is also 100 percent pure, organic and unprocessed, direct from the Dead Sea. Proven to relieve symptoms of Psoriasis and Eczema, bathing in these salts might also help relieve dry, flaky skin as well as reduce muscle and joint aches and pains.

When you read an Adovia Dead Sea product's review, it becomes clear how adored their beauty solutions are. Whether you're looking to combat the signs of aging with anti-wrinkle products, an unbeatable and healthy cleanser, or natural products to both cleanse and care for your body from head-to-toe, the Adovia selection is unbeatable. Enriched with only the finest ingredients the Earth can produce, users feel especially pampered with minerals coming directly from the Dead Sea.


Adovia is a unique skin care line, in that it combines minerals from the Dead Sea with herbs from the earth to create a nutritious cocktail for your skin that keeps it healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

This new concept in skin care is built around combining natural ingredients and ancient skin care secrets with modern science to create an effective mixture of minerals and the finest herbal ingredients nature has to offer. The vital nutrients, anti-oxidants and minerals present in Adovia products are responsibly gathered at the place closest to the soul of Mother Earth - The Dead Sea.

Adovia mineral-based products work to restore your skin's natural inner balance, allowing it to renew and rebuild itself to achieve visibly smoother, healthier and younger looking skin. Your skin cells are replenished with vital nutrients, resulting in a naturally smooth, rejuvenated and healthy complexion. Take your skin and soul on a journey to the world's oldest and largest natural spa - The Dead Sea - with Adovia mineral skin care.

Why is ADOVIA Better ?

The high content of Minerals, Anti-Oxidants and Vitamins delivers visible & natural results by feeding your skin nutrients it craves and needs to be healthy and gorgeous from the inside out. Adovia formulators hand select only the highest quality ingredients including - minerals from Dead Sea salt - as well as herbs and oils from all over the world. We have hundreds of customers send us testimonials to tell us how much better their skin looks and feels after using Adovia skin care products. A good credibility factor for this brand is that Adovia is chosen by some of the top spas and beauticians in the world, primarily because of how effective it is as well as the healthy minerals and nutrients that it provides for the skin. Please email us if you have any comments or questions or call us at 1-800-925-4232

Top Most Popular Adovia Products

Adovia Reviews

(Many more individual product reviews on each product page)

"I have to say I am so thrilled to have found the adovia brand. Thank you guys for introducing me to it, I love everything I have tried so far! So far I've tried the bath salts which are wonderful and really relaxing. They do make my skin on my arms and legs so much softer and attractive. I also use the mud mask once a week - now this is one where the difference is clearly obvious right after use. I couldn't believe it - the "glow" was really there! I never really knew what all those skin care commercials meant by that - until I tried this mask, lol! The purifying mud mask is a God-send, next I'm going to try the facial creams - got some samples of the eye gel and day cream with my order and have found them to be very pleasant. Thanks Adovia!" - Christina White

"This is the best psoriasis treatment ever. I recommend it to anyone and those wasting their money on drugs and products from the drug companies" - Ronald Coticchio

"I tried the Adovia anti-wrinkle cream product last month and have found it quite effective. It works much better than another brand I previously tried. A friend heard about it and asked if I would consider trying it. Most products such as these don't live up to one's expectations, but Adovia wrinkle cream has shown results." - Elizabeth, California

"I started using your acne soap, mud mask, and facial salts just a month ago. My skin transformed from acne-covered and aged, into clear & youthful looking. Having tried every over the counter product for acne, I must say that I was quite amazed at this wonderful product line. You can consider me a customer for life, and I would definitely recommend Adovia to all my family and friends." - Veronica, age 37 - Fayetteville, NC

"When I first started using the adovia lift serum I noticed it softened the skin around my eyes and around my mouth. It really felt like a cool soothing veil of moisture - the improvement in the color of my skin, the tone and firmness was noticeable after only 1 week of using it. I also love that it has Green Tea and Vitamin C, since I know those 2 ingredients help with aging skin. What can I say, I feel younger, I look younger and I'm telling all my family members about Adovia. Thanks again!"

"I wish I could show you pictures before and after but I don't have any. I have told everybody about your Adovia products. You will have me as a client for life. I have used Proactiv and everything under the sun for my acne but I feel so stupid wasting money on drugs, doc appointments, and topical solution when all I had to do was order your natural supplies. THANK YOU AGAIN!!" - Gabe, North Carolina

"I have used your Adovia hand and foot cream for years. It is the best I have ever used. The thing that I like the best is that it doesn't leave your hands sticky. I used to buy it at a kiosk in our mall but it was no longer avalable there so I went online and was happy to see that I could still order Adovia directly from you. --Carol Saganski

New York, New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I love this product. As an extremely pale female its so hard to find a tinted moisturizer that fits your skin tone without looking ridiculous. The porcelain is perfect for me. It blends into my face and it doesnt leave a "cakey" feeling or look. Its super easy to travel with and its lasted me over 3 months so far. A lot of it is not needed to spread throughout your entire face and I never find myself having to reapply through the day. A must have A+ Product! you wont be dissapointed

4.5 Stars
(231 Reviews)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Long Wait Is Over
I relied on somebody else's review and I feel I need to return the favor. I've been using for just two weeks as a soap to remove the scars on my back. The scars are still there but I see a big improvement as compared to other products that I've used before which never produce good results. Now I also use it on my face and entire body and the results are really great. Give this product a try and you'll never regret it. A bit costly but I tried some cheaper ones and never got the results I wanted that I got with this product.
Skin deeply clean and moisturized. My face has become at least 90% oily.

Fishers, Indiana
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nothing Better!
If you use hand lotion this is the one to use. It smells wonderful and leaves no greasy feeling later, just smooth, soft hands and a comfortably light scent. And... comes in the professional size!

Jennings, LA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Toner
I have been using this toner for the past couple years and I will never go back to what I was using before. I have oily and acne prone skin and all other toners I have used in the past either dried out my skin too excessively or after a couple of hours, my face would have that oily shine back. Plus, none of the other toners would help control and diminish my acne! But this toner does not dry out my face, the oily shine doesn't come back, and it helps control and diminish acne. Use it in combination with the Dead Sea Soap and you will definitely see great results. Plus if you buy the professional size toner, you don't have to buy it nearly as often, as the bottle lasts for quite a while. I highly recommend this toner!